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Read Wikipedia Offline – 4 Best Tools for Taking Wikipedia in Offline Mode



download wikipedia offline

Internet has made it easier for us to access information. We can literally look up for any topic of interest to read on. With the surge in the search engines you can find out anything anywhere, provided you have a proper internet connection and a computer. Wikipedia is a hot box of information. You can use it for projects, reading interests and many other purposes. So what if you could get the entire bag of information available to you offline? Yes is possible. With proper applications, you can read Wikipedia offline and get the entire Wikipedia contents with you. This article provides you information regarding the same.

1. Zipedia

This application needs you to have Windows operating system installed. The Zipedia is a plug in for the Mozilla browser, Firefox. You need to have it installed in your browser. Search for plugins and you will find it. You also require to have the Wikipedia database dump in your system. With the help of this you will have the Wikipedia available to you offline. It does not require any other external source to be installed. All you need is Firefox v2 and higher.

2. WikiTaxi

This is probably the best among the host of tools needed to access Wikipedia while you are offline. You can get access to the English version of Wikipedia. This tool saves the entire website in a compressed format. This allows you to store the entire directory in a little space of only 4GB. All downloaded pages are automatically stored and you do not need to install the application separately. It’s in the form of an .exe file. Again, you will require a Windows OS.

3. Wiki Offline

download wikipedia offlineWell for Apple or MAC users, this is the application that you need to download. The Wiki Offline app is available in the MAC App store. If you have an iPhone, you can also use this. You will be having the entire Wikipedia on the flat of your palm. Sounds cool! This will open up the Wiki pages supported by a cool interface. It also lets you enjoy tabbed browsing which is very comfortable while opening multiple links.

4. Pocket Wikipedia

 A simple name which says it all. This application is amazing. It includes over 20,000 images and 13 million words.  Only information on certain topics is available. It may sound less, but it is a lot of information stored in that zip file. You can download the 180MB zip file to access the Wikipedia content offline. The best part is that this application works on most operating systems. It works on Windows, Linux and on Pocket PC.


So you no longer need to go online and browse to access the information. Simply download one of these tools as per your preference and read Wikipedia offline . You now have the entire Wikipedia website of information on your computer or tablet. Access it without the internet.