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Make Your Computer Artificially Intelligent With These Super Amazing Tools



Artificially Intelligent Computer

Artificial Intelligence, popularly abbreviated as AI, is the most exciting branch of robotics. The field was actually brought to being to help mankind automate several jobs from household chores to battling in the war field. The latest artificial intelligence can be seen in the field of medicine where a machine helps surgeons go through a surgery and in big industries where heavy machinery needs to be automated.

Artificially Intelligent Computer

However, the area of computer is still going through a lot of developments and advancements, making it possible to actually have possession of a artificially intelligent computer system in every other house. Until that can be done, I have brought in some tools and application which will make your computer artificially intelligent, managing your work with just catching signals from your voice and give you the feel of an actual robot. Two of the best and well known artificially intelligent virtual assistants are listed below.

Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant – Nina

A multichannel and intelligent virtual assistant, Nina is a digital person who can deliver effortless and personalized customer support through a conversational interface which resembles a human. Nina can bring in versatility to your business by being a brand ambassador, a guide who knows it all and a voice to reassure every detail of your organization.

Instead of just scrolling down the long list, clicking every second for a particular job and typing every single word by your own self, why don’t you simply acquire Nina’s help! You will, no more, have to worry about navigating through numerous pages or screens as with Nina’s virtual help, you can nail your job just by talking.

nina web virtual assistant

Nina has the unique ability to take on the tone and attire of any brand. There are different ways to get your brand represented in front of others. Nina can adopt an actor’s voice and market your brand, can take on the character of anyone from the advertised brand and can also mimic the distinctive tone of a brand to the Web or any mobile apps.


Along with all these features, Nina offers its customers with an intuitive interface, which is user friendly and can be consistent across mobile and web app. A voice which will become familiar relatively soon, will be ever ready to answer your queries and get your work done whether you tap on the screen, type it through a computer or directly speak to the device. The experience can never get any better without Nina’s flawless interface.

The natural language technology which is being incorporated in Nina, lets her get the complex sentences of all kinds which may include abbreviations, multi string words, fragments, misspellings and a lot more which is human-like. The virtual assistant software is designed in a way that it becomes more like a whole artificially intelligent operating system and does not get stuck at one point, never repeat a sentence and do not hit dead ends by any chance. The developers have made it possible to never get a pause or interruption in the whole Nina experience to assure great customer service.

Artificially intelligent computer With Braina

Braina abbreviated for Brain Artificial is another example of a great personal, virtual assistant to make your system intelligent and consists of a human language interface. It is an intelligent automation software designed for Windows which allows a person to communicate directly with his computer through the medium of voice signals.


Braina is an excellent virtual helper as it makes your life remarkably easier by letting you give directions to your computer with just speaking in the English language. You may think it is Siri’s desktop application, however, when you use it you will find it better than Siri or any other app like this. It increases your office productivity and is also powerfully beneficial for personal uses. It may seem like a chat bot, but it is actually artificially intelligent personal assistant and is super-fast and functional. With a suitable WiFi connection and Braina’s app downloaded on mobile devices, you can control this virtual assistance tool from anywhere in the house or workplace.


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Giving you the option of a single window, you will be to completely control your PC as Braina has the ability to take dictations and convert speech into texts. It is also capable enough to search any information on the internet according to your guidelines. If you are feeling lonely or sad, it can play music on your PC and turn the track on which you like the most. You do not need to search for any files or folders on your computer anymore as Braina can search open the folders of your choice. Furthermore, it has the ability to automate a number of computer tasks, do mathematical operations, make a to-do list, add sticky notes to your desktop, read books online, and a lot more.