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SortFix : New Smart Search Engine to Improve Your Search



While Internet Searching we often couldn’t find exactly what we looked for, or gave-up in the middle because of so many irrelevant search results. Not only that – when we thought that the search was going to be too complicated, we didn’t even try to look it up. So how do we turn this complicated problem of web searching into a easier and fun way? is a new and innovative search engine that makes the job of web searching not only extremely easy but also fun at the same time.

It does all the hard work and leaves you only the easy part. It fetches the search results from Google, Bing and Twitter in one interface. Behind the scene an intelligent algorithm does the work – by scanning and examining the results, it reveals the significant keywords and terms that will help you to define a better question.

Then comes the best part, by using SortFix’s unique interface you can play with the suggested keywords, and create your own individual and precise query, and when you ask a precise question you usually get the right answer.

SortFix has 4 search sections on the search results page:


1. Power Words – Keywords that are automatically filled after checking the relevancy with the searched term.
2. Add To Search – The actual entered keyword by user.
3. Remove – Drag the search terms and drop in this box to exclude from search results.
4. Dictionary – Drag and Drop any keyword in this box to see the term’s definition instantly.

The more you refine your search terms by including and excluding the keywords, the more accurate results you would get in less time and page loads.

I think this animation will explain it ALL to you:




UPDATE: has been closed due to low number of traffic.