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Some Tips For Using Common Webmaster Tools



Webmasters are often highly regarded in the internet fraternity due to high quality of knowledge they possess in their profession. Often a webmaster is associated in building a website from a scratch. He has to design it, plan it, build it, program it, host it and maintain it. For doing all these activities, he has to be acquainted with all the technologies, resources and knowledge that will prove his abilities as a webmaster.

Although no formal degree is required to be a webmaster, anyone with optimum knowledge and zeal to become a successful webmaster can pull out the job. Webmaster solves most of the problems by using different tools that are available for him to make his job a little bit easy. Although not all webmasters use these tools but overall they are responsible to meet the average needs of resource users and make sure all the activities, which are undertaken by a newbie, will have a safe passage.

Some of the common tools, which are used by webmasters, are:


Often webmaster creates different sitemap templates, which can be used by any user and are free to download. There are some of the sitemaps available for little fees containing additional features and exact layout required by the user. This sitemap usually acts as table of contents for users by which he can browse and search for all the available content on the webpage.

Diagnostic tools

These tools are also created by webmasters, which are useful to find out the parts of websites, which are functioning well or have errors. These tools are of more importance as they are able to warn the owner of the website about the potential flaws and errors on his websites. The entire error message displayed when a user is trying to access the website is integrated in this tool, which makes it possible to fix them without checking all, the content for errors.


Analytical tools

These tolls are important to analyze the visitor base of website. This tool allows to get an inside of the keyword which have lead the traffic, links, pages of interest and how much time each visitor has provided to view specific website. This tool as a whole helps in understanding the exact needs of visitors and molding the site according to their needs to provide those visitors what they are looking for.

Although these are three main tools, which are commonly used, there are many tools, which are used by webmasters to make sure they are providing the right information to their visitors. Designing their website in such perspective will provide higher ranking to their website and increased traffic, which will add in the popularity of their website. Apart from these tools, other tools like themes gadgets and plug-ins are also used for site creation or for increasing the aesthetic appeal of the website.