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3 Sites That Help You Plan Your Vacations to Any Country



planning travel to any country

Vacations are only granted once in a year and if this time is wasted in searching and planning, it can ruin the whole excitement and fun which immediately come to mind when the term ‘vacation’ strikes it. After a deep research, a list is compiled for you to concentrate much on enjoying the vacations rather than running for arrangements.

planning travel to any country

1. Gogobot

gogobot screenshot
Gogobot is a social travel planning website which is a great find for planning vacations to any destination. Just typing the destinations will open numerous doors to detailed description of the country or city along with the recommendations and considerations for dine in, hotels, places to visit and what not. Still, if you don’t feel contented with the information, a travel community is always there to answer all your queries within a day or two. The impressive design, detailed information and the service of virtual passport makes it a must to try this website at least once.

2. Hipmunk

hipmunk screenshot
Hipmunk is an exemplary new website, making it possible to take the misery out of vacation planning. This website actually keeps you away from irrelevant search results and efficiently find flights which are most suitable for you. Once it is decided where you are going to spend your free time, Hipmunk’s easy search engine finds you the best prices and flight possibilities. The duration of the flight and the possible stops can also be chosen from the intuitive user interface. All in all, it accords a user with a wide range of choices, making the vacations ‘agony’ free.

3. TripIt

tripit screenshot
Keeping all your vacation plans in one place, TripIt is the best way to organize your travel plans once they are finalized. The travelers simply send all the purchase details to the website and it automatically compiles the critical information and holiday plans. The mobile friendliness of the website makes it easier for the travelers to access the information at any point of their tour. Additionally, the travel calendars and hot news can be shared with the Tripit network of friends.