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How To Search Animated GIF in Google Image Search Easily



search animated gifs on google

There was an era when people got totally caught up into the storm of animated GIFs. Everyone was talking about it and now that time has come yet again. Whether it is a blog post, a social media post or a simple article on a random topic, you will notice that the writer who uses more GIFs gets more attention automatically. This is not because it is something cool or new according to technology, but because, in any era of time, visuals have always appealed people more than the plain text.

search animated gifs on google

Now that we have hit the topic, why not talk about how and where to search animated GIF? You may have noticed that whenever you search for a particular topic, you never see a GIF in the results. Why is that so? GIFs must have been there the entire time we search, it’s just that we can’t see them until we open a particular image and find out about the extension. Well, this is hell!

google gifs

We have Chrome extension now to solve the problem. Try Google GIFs, which is an add-on to be installed for Chrome browser and  you will be able to see GIFs moving in the google image search result page. This add-on makes the search too easy and you will no longer have to open a GIF in order to see what’s hidden inside! Download and install now and see yourself if you have a doubt.