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NutshellMail – Single Platform Merging All Popular Social Networks



You’re here right now because you’re probably an internet addict, and no internet addict is unaware of the importance of social media these days. Social media seems to be the thread that holds communities together. You must have a Facebook account and a Twitter account. Possibly a Youtube and LinkedIn account too. In the busy routine, sometimes it gets hard to keep up with all the social networking accounts. It almost becomes an ordeal. In this situation, wishing for all of them to be merged on a single platform to use all social networks is justified. NutshellMail will allow you to do just that.

Single Platform to Use All Social Networks


Time Saving

People spend hours each day trying to keep up with their social media accounts. NutshellMail sums it all up into one single account – it’s like a single platform to use all social networks which saves you alot of time. Generally, what NutshellMail does is, it collects all the notifications and updates from you social media accounts and brings them to you in its inbox. You can then take a look at them and even reply to them from your NutshellMail account. Imagine how much time would that save.

Easy To Use

It is free to use and using it is remarkably easy. You’ll have to signup and create an account just like you would on any other service. Once you have created the account, you can select the social media networks that you’d like to receive updates and notifications from. After updating those settings, you will start getting updates from those networks and you can start saving time at your disposal by managing all your social media accounts from a single inbox.

I would recommend NutshellMail to everybody who uses social media and has a hard time managing and keeping up with it. Use NutshellMail, save your time, and bring productivity back into your life. 🙂