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Working Apps To Save Your Phone Battery From Dying Quickly



Have you ever wished that you smartphone’s battery life would have lasted a little longer so you could capture more images, could listen to some more music tracks or could have been a part of a conversation a little bit longer. If you want to buy your mobile’s battery some extra time, just give following apps a try and you’ll love to see extending your battery’s stand by time.

Juice Defender

JuiceDefender Ultimate for android

Packed with a lot of options, Juice Defender is perhaps the best battery saving app in the market today. The free apps helps you in managing common connections like mobile data along with WiFi and Bluetooth. Certain preset modes such as ‘balanced’ and ‘aggressive’ keep scheduling and toggling, and lets you choose apps which keep your screen on, thus saving power.

Battery Defender

battery defender 610x525

Another free app, rich in features, Battery Defender offers numerous options at absolutely no cost. It allows painless and quick access to toggle your common phone features like WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and mobile data. The app provides you the option to turn off all the stuff that you don’t intend to use or is of no need. Another feature that helps it stand out of other apps is its Genius Scan, which provides sync to occur at every fifteen minutes. The ‘quiet sleeping’ option of the app disables data connections at night, which saves a great amount of battery power.