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Make Your Facebook Experience Cooler With These Facebook Addons



Are you a Facebook junkie who just can’t get rid of Facebook’s addiction? You might have Facebook on your PC, smartphone, tablet and every other device that you have, but I bet that you would be astonished to see some of the cool browser Facebook addons fora better and smooth Facebook experience. Just take a look at these amazing Chrome apps and extensions.

Facebook GIF Button


You must have gone through some comments on Facebook pages or users’ posts where a person does not write anything but replies with an awesome meme or GIFs. Many people might have thought to do the same, but then the idea would have been rejected, thinking ‘Who would save all those pictures and then sort out and come up with the best one when needed? It’s so time consuming.’ But let me tell you, Facebook GIF button is made for you so you can post a reaction with a meme or GIF by using just one button. Once added to the chrome, the add-on works automatically on Facebook and lets you pose cooler than ever.

Facebook Color Changer

color changer

Are you tired of watching Facebook with the same old blue color? Do you want to experience something brighter and more colorful? You will be delighted to read that Facebook Color Changer is actually an add-on which can change the outlook of your Facebook page. All you need to do is install this extension in the Chrome browser and you can set a color of your choice to Facebook.

Facebook Unseen


Life was much easier when you could see a message on Facebook and pretend like you never had a look at it. The recent ‘seen’ feature of Facebook has brought out many complications as once you have seen the message, you will have to reply the person or otherwise it may put you in awkward and tough situations. What if I tell you that you can control your curiosity by actually viewing the message and at the same time, keep the sender in despair?  Yes, you can do it with Facebook Unseen add-on which is another life changing app which blocks the ‘seen’ option from Facebook.

Facebook Photo Zoom

zoomAn extremely light weight and amazing extension from Google Chrome for Facebook which once becomes a part of your browser, zooms pictures on Facebook really well. With five stars and excellent reviews, the add-on is used by millions of Facebook users all around the globe, absolutely free of cost. Be it a picture in a comment or post, or you need to see the person who commented, this add-on saves a lot of your time. The loading time of a Facebook photo has now shrunk to milliseconds with this amazing zooming extension.

These were the four most innovative and not-so commonly used Facebook Addons compiled for you. Give these cool add-ons a try and make your Facebook experience even better.