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Lock Your PC Using Bluetooth Of Your Mobile Device With BtProx [Free]



We use many lockers to lock our PC to protect our private data and content but here is a unique and a totally different approach to lock your computer  – With Your Mobile Device &  it’s totally Free.

BtProx is a free application that uses bluetooth technology of your cell phone to lock your computer. It monitors the proximity of your computer to your cellphone or other Bluetooth device.

It will lock off your computer automatically, protecting its contents from prying eyes when the phone goes out of range which means when you walk away from your computer talking your phone with you. Obviously, you would take your cellphone you when you leave, wouldn’t you? It will also unlock automatically when you return back, with your cellphone or other bluetooth device of course.


How to install:


1. Click here to download btprox. Find the latest version available, open it and find the .exe file to download.
2. Install the program and pair your device to the computer, if you use this device already with the computer, this step may be skipped.
3. Run the program and select your device using “…” button next to “Used device” label
4. Set the timeout after which the computer will be locked
5. Click “Start” button
6. The icon of the program turns orange as soon as the device is found.
7. When the device disappears and the icon turns red, few minutes after Windows will be locked. In order to abort locking it, right-click the icon in system tray and choose “Abort workstation lock