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Duolingo – Learn Any Language in the World for FREE



DuoLingo is a free online language learning app which offers nine language courses for native English speakers. The language courses include Spanish with more than 30 million learners online, Irish with half a million learners and Italian with about 8 million learners,  you can literally learn any language in the world for FREE.

Learn Any Language in the World for FREE

Not only confined to this, DuoLingo also encompasses language courses of language speakers other than English. The courses include English for Czech speakers, French for Portuguese speakers and more.

Learn Any Language Online Free of Cost

This web service is a great example of sincere language app to learn foreign language online. The app is really simple to use. All you have to do is setup a profile, choose a language and set your weekly goals. Each course is made up of some goals in DuoLingo which are usually grouped in order to form skills. The app also dictates the order with which you will need to finish the modules. The new modules only become active once you complete the previous ones. The same thing goes with the lessons too. You are supposed to complete lesson one in order to go to lesson two and so forth. DuoLingo also allows you to test the individual modules along with the group of skills.

When you press the ‘test out’ button, the app lets you go for a shortcut if you intend to avoid reading the individual lessons which cover some familiar material. However, you are supposed to go through a test for that, as there are no shortcuts in learning a language.

472295 duolingo exercises

The same test option also applies when beginning a new lesson or language. Either you can start with the basics or an entry test can be passed to let the app determine where you stand in the fluency chart.


A new vocabulary is mostly taught with pictures and the grammar points are often explained with little bubbles of speech. Listening exercises are also enlisted where you type what you hear and also, speaking exercises where you need to say what you listen to.  If you use DuoLingo on a public transport, it can be a very funny situation.



DuoLingo is not the only language learning website available on the internet, but it is, undoubtedly, an excellent addition to a learner’s toolbox. It is easy to use, fun and actually works. Though, do not forget to nail the homework tasks. If you are looking forward to achieve real fluency, don’t forget to honestly read, speak and live the language which you are learning.