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iPhone 7 Concept – Apple’s Plans for the Next Flagship of 2016



iPhone 7 Concept 2016

So many iPhone 7 concept designers are emerging with new ideas and concepts that will make you feel like the set is just going to launch in the next month. No matter how much excited people get about the next flagship, nobody is going to see Apple Inc. launching its most anticipated phone until iPhone 7 release date which will be September 2016. Hasan Kaymak, one of the iPhone 7 concept designers, has visualized an iPhone 7 design even before the release in a video which looks quite promising.

iPhone 7 Concept 2016

Principal Camera Upgrade In iPhone 7 Concept

The depiction envisions iPhone 7 concept with an aluminum body with the absence of plastic lines near the rear. Although Apple has utilized 7000 series aluminum in the recent releases iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, there is a new report which claims that Apple will be incorporating a new casing material in iPhone 7. Additionally, the new phone will be having a slight curve on the back as illustrated in the video. The iPhone 7 design will also be featuring a Retina Display 3 screen.

iPhone 7 DSLR Quality Camera

Image Design Credits to Hasan Kaymak (

The phone will also be powered by a 3000mAh battery that may be considered a great move for battery issues. The iPhone 7 concept also imagines a hexa-core A10 processor which will be either supplied by TSMC, Samsung Electronics or Intel.

Beautiful iPhone 7 Design Concept for 2016 [Video]

In the video, Hasan Kaymak has envisaged the device with a tremendous yet impressive 24 MP rear camera which can be seen as a significant upgrade as iPhone 6s and 6s Plus had a 12MP camera.

Significant iPhone 7 Design Change: Home Button Replaced

This highlight looks the most eye-grabbing as it would be a huge apparent change in the design. The new iPhone will have an Apple logo which is going to replace the home button and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. iOS 10 will likely be a part of the iPhone 7 that lets you get in contact with devices through Actions and iWidgets. Apparently, there will be no need for a SIM card and this foresees a stunning edge-to-edge screen.


iPhone 7 Edge to Edge Screen

Sources say that Apple has already been granted with a patent that allows a flexible and curved display. Apple might even use the same technology for 3D images. Dustproofing and waterproofing is also in the list and it is also expected to see the slimmest smartphone in the world in the form of iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Super Slim Body Concept

Some of these rumors may be made real and some will remain as text, but whatever is coming out from the sources makes iPhone 7 the most looked forward phone of the year.

What are your expectations for the next year’s iPhone after seeing not many changes in currently released iPhone 6s? We would love to know your comments.