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6 Impacts of High Speed Internet Access on the Media Industry



internet and media impact

The broadband high speed internet connection technology is improving everyday and since it’s the best and fastest source of internet access that enables you to stay updated with your friends and loved ones on major social networking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace and even on video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafé or on social bookmarking sites like digg, reddit, and technorati, you as a broadband internet user can experience the impact of a high speed internet connectivity.

The presence of a high speed internet connection has had a huge impact on our media industry both online and offline and it can’t go without acknowledgement. Below are some great ways a high speed internet access has had an impact on the media industry.

Online TV Broadcasting Revived

During the time of using a dial up internet connection downloading little pictures on the internet can take up to a minute depending on the size let alone watching a live television programme broadcast on the internet. Watching and listening to the latest news on CNN, BBC and some of our favorite news sites was then a nightmare because the speed offered by most dial up internet connection is highly ridiculous and it can sometimes take 2 hours to watch a video clip that only lasts for 20 minutes due to buffering problems and some other major problems caused by slow internet connections. With a high speed internet connection you can now watch live Videos, TV programs, documentaries and you can even have a real time video chat with others from anywhere in the world.

Another great thing made possible by the presence of a high speed internet connection that greatly enhances the media is the possibility of having a live interaction with people from anywhere in the world. If you’re a presenter or an expert you can easily have a live program with your fans in which they can be asking you questions while getting instant answers.


Podcasting Just Get Easier

Listening to an audio playback of your favorite author will be easier with the help of a high speed internet connection because you can hear the voice of the speaker clearer and there won’t be any cracks in the voice and the audio quality will still be the same as the original one from the copywrite owner. The broadband technology also made online audio streaming possible and a lot of online radio stations have been established and are gaining traction.

Unlimited Bandwidth

With a dial up internet connection there are certain rules and regulations you must adhere to in order to have access to the internet, part of it is constant authorization of what you do and a download limit. You have to enter your username and password each time you wanted to connect to the internet and due to the slow speed offered it is almost impossible for you to do anything. And the truth is, this can be really boring. With a solid broadband internet connections and high speed satellite internet you can download virtually anything on the internet with limitless download access.

Social Media Usage


It is now easy to gain traction and get a lot of things done via social media than with traditional advertising. There have been stories of people who made millions in 24 hours as a result of them having a solid social media campaign. There have also been stories of people who went from unknown to celebrity in a few days thanks to the power of social media so you can easily build your name and promote your multimedia business in no time by making effective use of social media.

Latest News and Updates

You can read latest news on the internet with the help of a better internet connection. Being informed is really great because it helps you stay out of trouble while at the same time making sure you have great knowledge. Some of us are obsessed with sports and some of us just want to know everything about the latest celebrity in town – having a great high speed internet connection makes all these easy.


Online Radio Broadcast


A lot of people are now tired of being tied to their room/home or having to carry their radios around and they prefer listening to their favorite radio stations on their iPads, iPhones and on their favorite mobile devices and having a high speed internet connection makes this easier.