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How to Write in Urdu Language Online in Web Forms, Blogs or Social Networks



To Write in Urdu you need to learn keys of Urdu keyboard and that requires a lot of practice. You can write urdu in many urdu editing software but ever wondered how to write in urdu language online? In your blog, in social networking sites, or even in urdu search engine?

Thanks to Google Urdu Transliteration you can write in Urdu without learning the keys of Urdu Keyboard.

This is a small bookmarklet that you can easily install in your browser with a drag n drop. Visit Google Urdu Transliteration to see the bookmarklet and installation instructions.

Now whenever you need to write in urdu in any online text box, text editor, blog, comment box, search engine, or even in facebook, orkut or twitter – All you have to do is to click the bookmarklet once and start typing in roman english, like “mera naam zain hai”, and it would be automatically converted to urdu language as you type along. like: میرا نام زین ہے

I was asked by so many urdu speaking people to tell how to write in urdu language/fonts in their blogs. This little bookmarklet will now make the task lot more convenient and easier. If you know and write in urdu and know any other alternative for this, do share with us.

To write in Urdu language offline, see this tutorial page that explains installing the font in all version of Windows.