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How to Take Complete Backup of iPhone [or Any iOS Device]



The data stored on your smartphone can be extremely important, because it helps you stay connected. Your contacts, messages, photos and videos, apps, and other files, all are very important and too valuable to lose. Which is why, it is necessary to always back up your data in case of an emergency. In this post, we will talk about how to backup iPhone – all the data on iPhone, and some of the best apps that will help you in the process.

how to backup iPhone

Data on a computer can be lost through hard disk crashed, or viruses. With smartphones, there’s the additional risk of misplacing, hence losing all the data forever. And data recovery from a mobile phone isn’t as easy as it is with a PC. So why take the risk? You can take a complete backup of your iPhone by using any of the simple apps reviewed below.

Applications For iPhone Backup

1. iPhone Backup Software

This is a great software that will keep your data backup. Here are some of its features.

  • Export iPhone files to PC and import them back again
  • Transfer files between iOS devices regardless of the version
  • Maintains cache for backup and file transfer between devices
  • Converts files into formats supported by the iPhone (such as videos, music etc)
  • Scans iPhone for corrupt memory and files

2. PKGBackup

This is one of the best back up applications for iPhone. Some of the main features include;

  • Back up to DropBox (cloud storage) or as an address book contact that can be synced to iTunes
  • Back up almost anything on your device, including contacts, files, messages, and apps
  • Automatic backup scheduling
  • Share data with friends
  • Backup and restore jailbreak apps.
  • Costs just $8!

3. xBackup

xBackup is another really easy to use application for backing up your Cydia applications, settings, game scores, sources, and more. You just need to press the backup button, and next time when you sync up with iTunes, this data will automatically be transferred to your computer. Just sync back whenever you want, and this application will restore all your data.


4. AptBackup

This is a great free app that will make a backup of your apps, especially your jailbreak apps. If you plan on updating your iOS or restoring it, then this is the app to have! Ordinarily, Apple will detect any cracked apps during the update process, and might disable your device. To counter this, you can back up your cracked apps with this app, update your device, and then restore those apps easily. Really easy to use, and a great app, especially since it’s free.


5. Data deposit

This is one of the most convenient back up apps. It will back up all your apps, and app data, and will upload it to DropBox. Best of all, you can download that backup afterwards on any other iOS device. So if you want to buy a new iPhone, then don’t hesitate about losing your data! This great app will take care of everything.


Data Deposit

Those were some of the best apps for backing up iPhone data that I have come across. If you of any more such great apps, then do let us know in the comment section below! We might just add it to our list! Cheers 🙂