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How to Setup a Virtual Brainstorming Session With Your Colleagues Online



The ongoing norm of online businesses has made many software and web services developing companies to think about something which is online and still gives the charm of being in a typical office environment. With this idea in mind, companies started thinking of a virtual boardroom where all the meetings and discussions can be made when boss and employees are online simultaneously or otherwise. The idea, however, is not only confined to online businesses anymore and more companies are using this technology instead of a physical board room. There are a number of web services in this regard and some of the most popular are briefed below.


Real Time Board


Real time board is a web service which is the simplest tool for collaboration in the offices and for online businesses where the project leaders, designers, marketers, developers and creative people can show their perceptions through a virtual white board. With this board, you will never get lost in the email chains which are, at times, difficult to conclude and if a particular piece of information is required, you need to go all the way back to sort out a certain message. Along with this, you can gather feedbacks through this web service, provide comments, and also can mark things up, all these tasks happening in the real time.


Brainstorming starts in by creating a new mind map. All you have to do is create a new account. Once you are a member, you can start a new mind map which will be visible to your friends or colleagues through a link which can be shared on social media or through mail. The brainstorming board works on different bubbles, as depicted by the name, where the themes and colors can be changed to further signify a message.

Storm Board

ss stormboard

The best feature of this brainstorming whiteboard is its affiliation with Google accounts. Now, you don’t need to ask every employee for their email address or social media ID to share a brainstorm session. The Windows Live account will automatically fetch all the contacts to share the information online.