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How To Get Updates From All Friends On Facebook



Facebook is the most used social networking website today. Friends use it for fun and frolic, Businessmen use it to promote their Business and the list goes on. But one problem is the management of interaction among friends, if one is having lots of friends.

Facebook wall is the only way from where one can get updates from their friends. Now just imagine getting updates from 1000’s of friends, how long that list would be?

Therefore, Facebook now shows feeds from only those friends with whom you interact most, which in turn, leaves behind the other inactive friends.

For Facebook users here’s the simple way to stay in touch with your friends.:

  • Log in to the Facebook Account and jump over to your wall.
  • Click on “Most Recent” button on top right.
  • Click on Recent Button

  • Drop down to “Edit Options”.
  • Change “Show Posts From: All of your friends and pages”.
  • Click on “Save” to receive updates from all your friends.

Some may find it annoying that there wall is loaded with updates from every friends, they can go with the first option i.e. “Friends and pages you interact with most”.

How do you manage your wall feeds to get updates from friends? Which one is your choice ? Do share your opinion.