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How Post Content Works in Making a Blog Successful?

Why content of the blog is so important


Writing the best content on the blogs is today’s biggest challenge for bloggers and writers. We can see life is turning to be more technological; mobile phones are being replaced by smart phones, Laptops by tablets so Web and E-Businesses trends are not behind in the race to shape up strategies and technologies in the new patterns.
Blog’s subscribed readers and direct visitors are valuable assets of a blog. If a blogger writes such a useful content then search engines start giving traffic to that blog post and because of its quality and effectiveness which readers feel and they share it on social networks, so good quality and unique post works amazingly well for the blog. The Blog gets visitors from search engines like Google or bing, and it also receives social media popularity by public sharing and the last thing which blog receives due to that masterpiece is good will. People, who like the article, might subscribe or bookmark the blog for visiting again.

Why content of the blog is so important?

Content of blog is something you have best in you. People search things what they need to know and visitor reached to the blog, may be through search engine or by another mean. The purpose of the reader/visitor would be to read and take help from what has been written in the blog post. If readers accept the work and appreciate, it means blogger has made a good attempt in creating the concept he wants to give. Content tells the readers about blog owner and author of the post.

What Message needs to be delivered?

The readers reached to your blog for knowing something or to find out what you have written about any particular topic. Bloggers guide readers and they are explained in actual because they study and analyze different things then they publish on their blogs for the readers. Readers fulfillment by an article posted on the blog tells clearly that how amazingly the message was delivered. The message is what blogger wants to say about the thing he is writing and he knows.

Understanding of Readers

If the blog’s readers are not getting the point of view of the blogger or blogger is unable to explain his viewpoint then it should be the stage to take important steps. Professional bloggers know that blogs survive on content not basically on advertisement and promotions. Anyone who keeps his readers busy in reading his content seems to be producing some understandable content on the blog.

6 Benefits of easy-to-understand content

1- Readers find it helpful and give thankful feelings to the blog
2- Positive comments increase blog’s popularity.
3- People enjoy reading the content and share on social media.
4- Blog’s subscribers and fans increase.
5- It helps blog to grow and flourish.
6- Other blogs invitations are possible for paid writing.

Subscribers Satisfaction

A blogger has to understand that only one thing is going to increase his subscribers that would be his content, not his Alexa ranking, not his ads and not even hot affiliates. Great content is the key to make subscribers happy and continuous happiness leads to trust and satisfaction.
Satisfaction is a wider perspective for a blog. If you read any article on successful blogs like techcrunch or mashable, even title of the article is not so promising but you still want to go into the article’s page to check the article. This is what Marketing Companies call ‘brand’.

Why content of the blog is so important

Visitors Interaction through Commenting

Commenting is an excellent way to see readers’ involvement on the blog. Most of the times comments come when readers read complete article and then discuss their point of view on the article. If your content has some magical amusement with the ingredients of quality mixed with it, then only readers will touch the footer of your article. If they don’t find it interesting in the start or middle, they probably don’t like to scroll down. Technically comments make your content more rich when search engines find different people are involved with your content and different comments increase your content’s size. These small chunks help out blogs in the form of huge outputs.

Readers Engagement

If you are not distributing free gifts and prizes on your blog worth of million dollars then only way to get your readers and visitors back to the blog is to give them quality content. Readers Engagement works incredibly well for a website and blog as well. A visitor from a search engine who comes to a blog, the more time he spends to the blog and does not return back to the search engine to watch more search results, would be increasing blog’s worth in search engine’s eyes. Search Engine algorithms are based on highly intelligent system to give visitor to a website/blog. Bloggers engage their readers by offering some deals, discount coupons, most commented articles and relevant posts.

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Beneficence of your Words

Professional bloggers have to keep their words motivated and positive to bring best results for the blogs. Useful and quality content should mix up so well in all articles of the blog that every reader and visitor, who lands on your any post, finds it entertaining and helpful for him. If blogger’s one sentence becomes helpful for the reader and he/she finds any answer out of that article, then a blog gets a subscriber or a regular reader.


Professional and big bloggers always say that make content for the readers not for the bots. One short word’s implementation takes so hard work in the blogging field and that word is ‘Quality Content’. Once quality starts coming into the work, results start shinning in the stats. Make blog’s content exceptionally well not just for posting it but also for helping out people and such feelings and efforts actually turned out to be in the shape of your blog’s success.

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What To Do To Engage Blog Readers To Keep Them Coming Back

Engage blog readers

A loyal audience is always important for most ventures in the highly connected world to succeed and your efforts count when you engage blog readers. Otherwise, you would be just a one-hit wonder. As a blogger, it is necessary to keep your readers hanging on the edge for your upcoming post. If you are looking to engage blog readers and don’t have enough readership on your post, bellow are the tips to make your blog a must-see.

Understand Your Audience Better To Engage Blog Readers

It is important to understand, who your target audience is and how your blog can help them. The audience is the foundation of a blog, it is the main reason it exists. So it is important to understand exactly who they are and how your blog can help them.

Follow The Plain Language principles

Always keep in mind that you are writing most probably for an international audience and an average reader. Your audience would be readers from an educational background and most of them may have English as their second language.

It is important to use small sentences. You should try to focus on one thing in one sentence and make sure to avoid using riddles and clues. Use simple and easily readable words. Focus on using simple writing style and avoid a distracting look with too many different font sizes, font colors, or widgets. Busy and confusing posts can kill the reader’s interest.

Optimizing Your Blog and Content

If you are really interested in making sure (before sharing your posts) that everything is of top quality, then you are moving in the right direction. Your posts are not doing any good to anyone if they haven’t found the help they need. Have you ever thought to make your blog be easier to find? Much of this happens due to the people you mention and the people who mention you to their posts.

Basically, the blogging world is one big conversation, which you can become a greater part by engaging in discussions with other fellow bloggers. Don’t simply discuss how much you love the work of a certain writer but provide their site links in your content.

Choosing The Right Title

A title is a gateway to the post. It has to be captivating enough to make the audience click and open the post. It is also important to address your readers’ main points in the title. Alternatively, you can also make a title that will make it attractive enough for the readers to read.

Use Listing Methods

It is incredible how our attention intervals are getting shorter and shorter. If your blog focusses on professionals and talks about guides or tips kind of posts that are useful for readers, you need to provide the information out before everyone else.

Long-winded essays or text can put off your readers. Use lists where you want to share more than a couple of things. Lists help readers to scan the content easily and quickly spot what they are looking for.

Do Not Use Pop-ups or Advertisements.

Pop-ups and advertising banners are the most important part of online marketing strategies, but their overuse will surely get you in trouble. Not only the readers will hate such pop-ups and ads but also search engines also dislike that.

Write The Right Headlines

Headlines play an important role in making or breaking of your content’s success. It’s not a surprise that the internet is full of tips that can help you out here. Before considering any online advice, it is important to remember that headlines are the promise that your content must deliver.

Respond To Comments

Responding to comments is necessary If you are really serious to engage blog readers. It can help you to know your readers better and can build a more meaningful connection with them. You will surely get some helpful feedback too. It is possible that you may not be able to respond to them at all but at least you should try to respond to as many as possible.

Include Images

It is really important to provide just like Infographic, relevant images, which will be additional information for your readers and will help them to understand what you are trying to explain. Adding an image will engage your audience and help you to communicate the wonders in a visual language, which will help you engage blog readers more often.

engage blog readers

Make Sure Your Article is Free from Plagiarism and Grammatical Mistakes

The last but not the least tip to engage blog readers to keep coming back to your post is to re-check your article is plagiarism free and do not have any grammatical mistakes. Readers do not tolerate copied content, which is surely a waste of time to them. And if your content is full of grammatical mistakes this will cause the quality of your work, which will end up losing the readers.

Plagiarism can be checked with the help of tools such as Duplichecker, plagiarism checker and etc.

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5 Signs That Show You Could Become a Writer

Signs That Show You Could Become a Writer

If you are the kind of person who spends a great deal of time staring a wall in your room, thinking deep down what challenges life is throwing your way or anything that might not, in any way, matters to the world. If you have these germs in you, along with some others which will be later discussed in this article, you might end up as a writer in some part of your life. Shocked, what I just said? I personally had no self-confidence I could write, even a word, but now working professionally as a writer.

Signs That Show You Could Become a Writer

J.K. Rowling, the famous Harry Potter writer was turned down by 12 publishers just to end up at Bloomsburry. Ever wondered why she was picked there? The story was handed over to the chairperson’s eight years old daughter to go through it and she demanded more and more.

Just once in life have you thought that maybe you belong to the same group? For your ease and realization, let me tell you 5 signs that show you could become a writer.

You are a thinker

As I have said before if you have any symptoms of being a writer, the first one begins with thinking and thinking a lot. A writer just loves to spend a lot of time with own self. They ponder on topics from the first man who touched the moon to how can some people be so insensitive!


You are an adventurer

Whether it is a movie about a young boy or a romantic comedy of two, who fell in love at first sight; from saving money to help a poor to spending thousands on travel and shopping, you are the true adventurer.

freelance vs professional writer

You love to note down everything

Trust me, every writer cannot rely on an electronic device solely. They always note down important and even less important things in journals, diaries, sticky notes or anything that is secure. They mostly forget things quite easily and that’s the time when these posts help a lot.


You have a wide imagination

I, personally, talk a lot and when I don’t, I silently read the person or when bored, make my own stories about that person. Not only me, I can bet every writer does the same when idle. A writer is incomplete without imagination if he can’t make stories of his own. If you are a pro in this aspect, you are going to enter the writing world soon, my friend!eb7e2d266101384f1c8d15946c5b3edb

You mine for words

Sorry, what was that word that you just said? If you hear a person say that loud in a party, get-together, functions, or possibly anywhere, he is a writer by heart. A writer has this very special instinct to hear a unique, new word from any corner of the room. Even if they don’t hear it from someone, they always look for synonyms or spend hours in looking for the most suitable word in a thesaurus.


There is a possibility that you did realize you have that talent but never had the courage to show it. Why not now? If you think you can change the world with your pen, don’t fear anymore and write your first draft.

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5 Apps That Every Writer Must Use To Increase Productivity

writing apps must use

As a writer myself, I know there are times when you go completely blank, having no clue at all what to write. These times are certainly the hardest for any writer. However, there are always some ways to come out of the dark. Sometimes, a very tiny ray of light out of the tunnel is enough to get back on track. When I am in a good mood, I write flawless and in misery, I take help from these must use writing apps, websites and tools that every writer must use.

Must Use Writing Apps To Try

must use writing apps

Grammarlygrammarly plugin

Grammarly is a service which, as the name depicts, lets you get hands on your mistakes while typing. The service can be used directly on their website or you can download a plugin/extension in your browser which I prefer personally. This way, wherever you write using a browser, Grammarly will catch your errors and will underline them with red or green. An add-on is also available for Microsoft Word.


Whenever I get stuck at a word and my mind keeps shouting, ‘Go Girl! You can do better with that word’, I always open this website. I tell you, this site has magic in it. You write a very common word and the results will be shown comprising of numerous elite words with same meaning. Nothing can beat Thesaurus in the area of synonyms. You can also find some great articles and other information on the website when you get bored.

Writer Appwriter

A writer is never free. Maybe your boss is cruel enough to bother you at a party or a wedding, you can’t deny him! This app will save all the embarrassment that you might be handling if you start writing in a notepad or carry a laptop with you everywhere you go. Just launch the app and start writing. The app lets you choose different editing options, check for the statistics and keep writing in the simplest way possible.

Merrium Webster Dictionary

merrium webster

Merrium Webster is undoubtedly a life saver for me. Does it happen to you that you start writing and a word just clicks your mind which you had heard somewhere? Since I have become a writer, I always listen more carefully to people to know more new words. But the bad thing happens when the word sounds good and you don’t know the meaning to keep it in the personal vocabulary treasure. I use Merrium Webster’s app right away. Once you know the meaning, you can remember it better than ever. You can also get access to its website which contains millions of words.


JotterPad is claimed to be the next generation text editor which has some marvelous features you may not find anywhere else. For creative writers, this is heaven on earth. Whether you are writing a novel with loads of characters or simply a poem which tells your story; this app makes you focus more on writing than any other shenanigans. The best part of this app is its voice to text conversion ability. You don’t need to hurt your fingers anymore and pen down the most innovative ideas. Also, JotterPad features the luxury of typography, night mode, in-built dictionary, saving to cloud, sharing of document and much more. All in all, one app contains everything that a writer needs and looks for in one place.

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