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Free Utility To Change Windows 7 Boot Screen Animation



If you are bored with the regular boot screen of windows 7, you can easily change windows 7 Boot animation as well as text with the help of Windows 7 Boot Updater.

Windows 7 Boot Updater is open source program which easily change the animation and text of windows 7 boot screen with the help of registry files and also it is available for free to download. You can choose from variety of boot screens and can change background color, Text font, Text color and of course size as well.

1. Download file given at the end of this post and unzip the file.

2. Now right click on Windows7BootUpdater.exe and click “Run as Administrator“.

3. Click on Animation menu and change it from Default to Animation. A windows dialog box will appear. Simply browse for Animated boot screen file and click OK. If you don’t have any boot screen file you can download windows 7 boot screen files from here.

4. You can also change the background color, Text size, Text positioning so that you can fully customize the boot screen.


5. If you are happy with your setting simply click on Apply button and restart your Computer to see the effect.

Download: Windows7BootUpdater