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uCoz Free website builder

Having your personal website is a dream for most peoples nowadays and if you really want to have it you normally have to pay for your own hosting plan or setup your own server — which is intimidating to those who desire all this for free and wants to have the freedom to do anything on their website that is most of the time limited by the free plans as normally free services don’t offer you that control and flavor that you really strive for.

This is where the uCoz Free Website Builder comes into play as they provide you with a great service to make your own website for free.

uCoz Free website builder

uCoz provides you with all controls of your CSS in order to edit any design feature of your site. Moreover, if you want to have your own forums, they’ll let you have it without any issue. For example you can have the post portfolios, file sharing and even can have your own download section as long as the content entered by you is legal. As far as the user control panel is concerned, like the many others, it’s quite getting used to. It has its own feature called desktop that lets you manage your blogs or website better. Whether or not you are one of the people with web design careers this tool can help you to successfully design your site.

All in all, uCoz provides a superb solution to create a free website. uCoz give you a range of customization features with its theme selection as well as HTML and CSS tweaking. It also enables you to select through a wide range of modules that can turn your site to a portal of services.

So, if you want to have your own site that too for free with full control just signup at and you’ll have it.