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3 Best Computer Security Suites for 2011


computer security companyComputer security is the primary concern for many users. Many internet security-providing companies have cropped since the advent of internet security issues. We should thank these companies for their needful research and computer security software that safeguards the computers from all kinds of threats and even the latest malware as well.

The following are the three best computer security-providing companies.


1. Webroot Internet Security

Webroot is the best opted company that provides computer security for the customers worldwide. It was found in 1997 and situated in Colorado. Webroot is easy to install and easy to use security software. The company offers free and paid versions of their security software. They offer free 24/7 online and phone services for one year. It restricts the malware, adware, spyware, Trojans, keyloggers and not the least the hackers.

The scanning is five times faster when compared to other security software. It has two way firewall protection that protects the computer from giving access to virus and hackers. It avoids spam and phishing attacks. Provides safety from identity related problems. Secures file storage and online sharing of data. Shopping, trading and chatting can be done without fear of identity theft and hackers. It cleans the system by deleting the unwanted information and improves the performance of the computer.

The software automatically gets updated and performs scanning. It securely backs up 10 GB information online.

The computer should meet the minimum system requirements to get the software installed. Windows XP, vista, and windows7 and 256 MB RAM and 300 MB hard disk space are necessary for installation.

2. Norton Internet Security 2012

Norton is the most popular and best choice of all computers’ security software. It offers antispyware, anti phishing, antivirus, and firewall applications. It is easy to install even by a beginner and is easy to use. Except for the dark interface and spam filter ability all other applications are worth the cost. They offer both paid and free online software. Paid software has more reliability and more applications than the free software.

Norton scanning is faster than its previous version that is faster than other competitors. It also offers parental control to monitor the websites the children are browsing. It is an award winning internet security software.

The system specifications should be of 256 MB memory and 300 MB hard disk space. Operating system should have windows XP, vista or windows 7.

3. Avast Internet Security 6

It is the best and consumer satisfaction guaranteed computer security software. It provides full antivirus protection. Automatic updates and parental control are available. It is easy and faster when you want to install it. It can block 99.3% of malware. Automatic scanning and updates are offered. Though the scanning is slow due to the requirement of user interaction the interface is applauded.

Parental control is the common feature offered by all the software companies apart from blocking malware and hackers.

The system requirements are 128 MB of memory and 100 MB of hard disk space. It has mail, web, and IM and network shields. Hence, decide the suitable company from the above security software companies to have safe computing.

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Smallest Antivirus to Automatically Remove Autorun.inf Virus from USB Flash Drives

Autorun.inf is not very harmful but still the most annoying virus of all which travels through flash drives. There’s a nifty tool designed specifically for this purpose – to remove Autorun.inf Virus from USB drive!

This virus automatically executes itself as soon as the infected flash drive is inserted into a system. When user double clicks the infected drive, autorun.inf with associated (hidden) .bat files infects all the partition of the system and autorun.inf is copied to all the drives.

Although this can be prevented through standard antivirus software but there’s a dedicated antivirus made specially to remove autorun viruses called Autorun Virus Remover.

Remove Autorun.inf Virus

Remove Autorun.inf Virus

Autorun Virus Remover provides protection against any malicious programs trying to attack via USB drive. When a USB device is inserted into your computer, Autorun Virus Remover will automatically scan it, block and delete autorun virus, trojans, and malicious code. Also, it can detect and remove USB virus such as autorun.inf virus in your computer.

Remove Autorun.inf Virus with Autorun Virus Remover can also remove the autorun virus due to which you can’t open your hard disk and USB drive (Pen drive, Memory card) by double clicking. Autorun Virus Remover USB antivirus software to permanently protect offline computer against any USB virus without the need for signature updates. This light and easy to use solution is compatible with all version of Windows and doesn’t slow down your computer at all.

Download Autorun Virus Remover

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Snappy: All in One Driver Installer For All Your System Drivers


Snappy system driver installer is a freeware for Windows which is an All in One Driver Installer and can be used as a complete solution to install all types of drivers on your system. There are two main sources which are supported by the program namely driver packs and local folders. The program is capable enough to pick the drivers automatically from the folder where you kept them and bring it to use at any given time.


The computers who have a weak or unreliable internet connection can avail the services of this program as it can install all the drivers without it. To start installing drivers on your computer, go to the updates option which can be found on the top and download the index file by checking on the option ‘Check only needed for this PC’ and then click on accept. This index file will add all the relevant information to the software. The program then works by checking for all the missing drivers and updates for the already-installed programs on the system.

You are also free to download all the driver packs, however, which is not recommended by the experts. You only need to do this if you need to create a completely portable version of a particular program on the computer which, by default, includes all the drivers. There is one thing to note that you will have to download nearly 9 GB of data in that case.


As soon as you are done downloading, the main interface of the program will show the updated driver information afterward. You can also enable the expert mode present on your left where you will be able to use filters to customize the selected option. You are also free to disable the updates which you think are, in no way, better than the ones already installed.

Before selecting the drivers which need to be updated, hover on each device to get information about each device’s already installed driver and the update the program wants to install. The information may consist of the update’s version, device’s manufacturer’s name, hardware IDs, etc. It is quite beneficial to give some time to these facts as there may be some updates which are not suitable for the device or are falsely identified. Once you are done with all these important steps, the Snappy Driver Installer will start downloading the selected driver updates for your system, installing afterward.

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Easiest Way to Recover Deleted Photos and Text Messages From Phone For FREE

Recover deleted photos from phone

Recover deleted photos from phone easily with the world’s number one android file recovery software named Wondershare Dr.Fone. It is a tool which is used worldwide for recovering files and data from android tablets and phones. The tool is capable of retrieving audio files, Whatsapp messages, videos, call history, contacts, photos, text messages and a lot more that you lost accidentally or due to the ROM flashing or OS crash. The tool supports about 200 android devices and many android versions.

Recover deleted photos from phone


How To Recover Deleted Photos From Phone And Other Data

Dr. Fone is very beneficial in recovering files on android devices and can retrieve deleted text messages too. However, if the tool is not dealt properly, the software will not be able to recover all the files properly. Before beginning the process of recovery, the following tips should be considered to increase the success rate positively.

  • First of all, if you find out that some of the files have gone missing on the phone or a list of data is deleted accidentally from the phone, stop using the device instantly. In android or other OS, the data is actually not blown away but is kept in the phone to be rewritten by some other files. For this particular reason, if the device is kept working on, that data gets overwritten by the recent changes in the phone and ultimately, disappears forever.
  • Secondly, look for a computer as soon as possible and start the process of recovery. Don’t forget, the sooner it is, the better it is. Download the recovery software by Wondershare i.e. Dr. Fone for android. For further information, follow the following downloading process.

How To Download

There are more than one way to download Wondershare on your phone. You can either go to the product page to find the app link or simply click the download option on the top of the page to get Dr.Fone on your phone. Once downloaded, your phone will offer an installation package. The download button is also featured in the bottom of the page.

How To Install

Once you have downloaded, search for the installation package on your system. Double tap on the .exe file to run the setup and click on the install option to start the recovery process. The installation process will take approximately a few minutes. Once there, the Start Now option should be clicked to launch the software.

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