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6 Free Streaming Servers to Host Video and Audio Content

free online streaming servers


As a blogger or webmaster, you will always need to beautify your sites with embedded streaming audios or videos, since a website simply with texts is not attractive at all. On the other hand, you may want to create a live radio station or a video show on the internet without paying.

All these seemingly complicated things can be solved by a free streaming server which can host the media files on your behalf. The only thing you need to do is uploading and configuring some settings in the dashboard. Thus we hand picked some of the top free online streaming servers to host and stream your multimedia content.

Top 6 Free Online Streaming Hosting Servers

1. Listen2MyRadio


Based on SHOUTcast, ICEcast and RTMP protocol, Listen2MyRadio provides complete solutions for both audio and video streaming via Flash Player and Windows Media Player. After registering an account and completing a few options, you will be able to create a personal page and subdomain where you can display the media content.

The website supports five languages and ensures a maximum of 5000 listeners (of an audio) and 1000 viewers (of an video) at the same time. You will never need to pay for all the free services since they are supported by ads.

2. Livestream


Livestream offers great services of free audio and video streaming. you can log in with Facebook account or sign up with your email address.Choosing the first method will let you find out your friends activity on Livestream. After that, you can post text, photo, video or live video immediately. Only files smaller than 1GB can be uploaded. There is no limitation about the amount of streaming content or the number of viewers on this site. What is more, you can get email support from it for free. Just notice that every account can host only one live media content at the same time. Get the Livestream app for iOS and Android to broadcast interesting scenes anywhere or Livestream software for producers.

3. Vidmeup


This site runs exclusively for video streaming. The whole registration process is very easy: just enter the name of the subdomain you want to use and click ‘Start now for free’ on its homepage. Then you can choose whether to log in with twitter, Facebook and Google account or register with email. You can upload a video as soon as you click the confirmation link sent to your email. It supports fifteen video formats (such as 3GP, MOV, MP4 and RM) and has a maximum of 750MB and 20 minutes in length. Still doubting how to use it?

Watch the official video tutorial of Vidmeup.

4. Ustream


Another media streaming site offering free instant video recording service. You can sign in with Facebook or directly create an account with your email. Then click the ‘Go live!’ button on the top of the webpage and start recording. It supports 13 language and gives you 10GB video storagespace. HD broadcasting is free to use as well as the paid plans. In addition, Ustream develops a free, more functional program called Ustream Producer available on Windows and Mac. There are also Ustream apps for iOS and Android that enable you to broadcast with mobile devices and to watch live videos on them.

5. Cloudspeaker


Cloudspeaker provides free audio streaming services specially for radio stations, most of them are free, such as P2P streaming , website embedding, or the third party streaming. While using this site, you will get detailed statistics that show you the exact data about your listeners.After signing up, the configurations are comparatively more complex and the actual method of inputing media streams depends on the mode you select, but website owners can comprehend them with ease. Apart from English, the website also supports German.

6. Caster.Fm


Caster.Fm offers free audio streaming service only. During the registration, you can type the subdomain name you want to use. After activating the new account, you will be asked to start your radio server. Then all the details like server IP, username and password etc. will be shown in the dashboard. Manage them wisely to to start broadcasting. Embedding the audio on Caster.Fm on other on radio websites or blog is encouraged.

The developers of Caster.Fm are working hard on mobile radio websites and their apps for Android and iOS

So, these were the 6 free online streaming servers to host video and audio content. Do tell us whether these streaming servers helped you or not.

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With Multcloud Managing Cloud Storage Was Never This Easy

We live in a world where we are never certain even about our life let alone anything made by us. Almost all of us make multiple backups of some important things, be it the documents of your business or simply music of your band, we do tend to store our valuables in some place which we deem as safe, right? But since every cloud storage comes with a limited storage capacity, we tend to register for multiple services of such kind so that we can bank extra space. And while it may sound really great to have ample of spaces in multiple platforms, it actually becomes quite difficult to keep a check on every platform. Adding to that, it also creates a lot of hassle to look for a particular thing because with so many accounts, you always find yourself clueless about where you kept this particular file “A”, no?

So, do not you yearn for an application or software with which you would be able to manage all of it just from a single screen? Well, if you have been wanting to get this kind of application, your prayers have been answered because with “Multcloud” your life is definitely going to become a lot easier. It is a complete app that synchronizes between all of your cloud storage platforms and makes it a lot easier to manage all of your data between each other. So, if you are wondering about some of the many features that it will offer to you, then you need to stick with us and read ahead because if you do so, we are sure that you are going to fall in love with Multcloud in no time. So, without making any more of a fuss, let’s leap to those points:

Transfer Files between Multiple Cloud Storage

With the help of Multcloud, you can now gain access to different clouds of yours in real time. Meaning, that after you have logged into your different cloud platforms through Multcloud, you will be able transfer files between different platforms directly without having the need to download and upload it again. All you need to do is, select the file(s) that you need to transfer and then go to the cloud storage you want to have the file(s) transferred to and then it’s done! See; how simply it is, right!?

Transfer your Files even if you have Powered Off

If you are a victim of repeated power breakage and are looking for a software that works mostly on its own, then Multcloud definitely has to be your choice. By making use of a new technology of background transmission, your files get transferred even if the PC has gone down be it for any reason whatsoever.

Transfer Files at an Amazing Speed

We are sure that you would not have seen a transfer between cloud storages this fast. By making use of multi-server parallel transfer tech, you can expect that your rate of transferring file will go up by at least 200%. With the help of Multcloud speed and stability, you will ensure that your tasks get done at an amazingly insane speed.

The Price

Well, this is certainly one of the most important factors before you will go with Multcloud and you may be wondering how much would you need to spend before getting hands on it, right? And its cost is certainly its best part because, in order to get “Multcloud”, you absolutely do not need to pay anything at all. Yeah, you read it right! Multcloud is an amazing app that comes for nothing and is absolutely free. So, what’s the point of keeping yourself away from it when you can get hands on something amazing and that too for nothing!

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Why You Should Not Install Every Update Of Android Apps

Android apps space

Android is perhaps the most used smartphone operating system with almost around a million applications. According to a survey conducted in 2014, 80% of the smartphones in the world are running android operating system. With such a wide usage of android apps, updates are bound to release every week. However, today we’re going to tell you why you should NOT install every other update that android releases. There are a lot of reasons why we made this statement and we’ve listed them all below.

Insecure app permissions

Android is said to be the most insecure operating system amongst every other operating system.


This is because Android is an open licensed operating system which means the applications demand way too many non-useful permissions. Each release of every app demands more and more permissions of your personal information which you shouldn’t be providing.

Bigger App Sizes

Each of the app that releases its updates adds a new feature to the app. This new feature might not even be any useful to you but it will take up more of your phone’s internal would you like if you install the latest Facebook app which is 50-55 mb in size and the new features are the ones that you don’t even use? Exactly! It’s useless to you.

Useless updates

There are many times when you update an app and you lose one of those features that you used to love about your app.


That’s when you know that you shouldn’t have updated the app and there’s no way you can go back to the old version. Always check the change log in the Play Store and unless it’s a major update don’t bother updating your app and losing your favorite features.

Unstable versions

There are always apps that release new app updates that are unstable on many android versions and that may even be dangerous to your phone.


That’s where you should be smart and not update your app. I’m sure your work with the old app must be going great as well. Keep using it as it’s better to update and risk your smartphone’s stability.

Hence, there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t be updating your android apps. Sometimes it’s better to stay patient and use the apps that work best with your phone. We’d advise you to do that instead of doing something stupid. Stay safe and don’t update your android applications!

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Need To Access Blocked Sites? Check out These 3 FREE VPN Services


There are billions of websites available over the internet which are very beneficial and important but sometimes you’re restricted to access bunch of sites due to restriction imposed by your organization, company or by the government due to domestic or global limitations. With a VPN service,  you can access those blocked websites easily.

VPN service hides your original IP and geo location and lets you access the sites as you’re an international visitor, someone trying to access the (blocked websites in your area) from other (allowed) location.

There are hundreds of such VPN services but shared below are the ones most popular, have solid connectivity and offers browser addons to be used with a single click.

1. Ultra Surf


Ultra Surf is one of the best and widely used VPN service because of it’s quick connectivity,  simple interface and free of cost service. All you need to do is go on the Ultra Surf website and download the small self-executable application — no need to install anything. After downloading you have to run the application and then open the blocked site in any web browser the blocked site will run instantly.

2. ZenMate


Zenmate is widely used all over the world and it’s one of the quickest of all. You can easily access the content or data of your choice by using ZenMate. The browser addon can be used free of cost and it secures your privacy as well. You can even create an account by signing up and can enjoy other services and benefits as well via ZenMate.

3. Hotspot Shield Free

Hotspot shield free

Hotspot shield is not only liked by desktop users but also loved by millions of users using mobile devices. Their mobile app, both on Android and iOS is one of the most downloaded apps of all. Their tiny application on desktop computer runs so silently that you won’t even notice you’re browsing the web on a VPN.

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