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6 Free Streaming Servers to Host Video and Audio Content



free online streaming servers

As a blogger or webmaster, you will always need to beautify your sites with embedded streaming audios or videos, since a website simply with texts is not attractive at all. On the other hand, you may want to create a live radio station or a video show on the internet without paying.

All these seemingly complicated things can be solved by a free streaming server which can host the media files on your behalf. The only thing you need to do is uploading and configuring some settings in the dashboard. Thus we hand picked some of the top free online streaming servers to host and stream your multimedia content.

Top 6 Free Online Streaming Hosting Servers

1. Listen2MyRadio


Based on SHOUTcast, ICEcast and RTMP protocol, Listen2MyRadio provides complete solutions for both audio and video streaming via Flash Player and Windows Media Player. After registering an account and completing a few options, you will be able to create a personal page and subdomain where you can display the media content.

The website supports five languages and ensures a maximum of 5000 listeners (of an audio) and 1000 viewers (of an video) at the same time. You will never need to pay for all the free services since they are supported by ads.

2. Livestream


Livestream offers great services of free audio and video streaming. you can log in with Facebook account or sign up with your email address.Choosing the first method will let you find out your friends activity on Livestream. After that, you can post text, photo, video or live video immediately. Only files smaller than 1GB can be uploaded. There is no limitation about the amount of streaming content or the number of viewers on this site. What is more, you can get email support from it for free. Just notice that every account can host only one live media content at the same time. Get the Livestream app for iOS and Android to broadcast interesting scenes anywhere or Livestream software for producers.


3. Vidmeup


This site runs exclusively for video streaming. The whole registration process is very easy: just enter the name of the subdomain you want to use and click ‘Start now for free’ on its homepage. Then you can choose whether to log in with twitter, Facebook and Google account or register with email. You can upload a video as soon as you click the confirmation link sent to your email. It supports fifteen video formats (such as 3GP, MOV, MP4 and RM) and has a maximum of 750MB and 20 minutes in length. Still doubting how to use it?

Watch the official video tutorial of Vidmeup.

4. Ustream


Another media streaming site offering free instant video recording service. You can sign in with Facebook or directly create an account with your email. Then click the ‘Go live!’ button on the top of the webpage and start recording. It supports 13 language and gives you 10GB video storagespace. HD broadcasting is free to use as well as the paid plans. In addition, Ustream develops a free, more functional program called Ustream Producer available on Windows and Mac. There are also Ustream apps for iOS and Android that enable you to broadcast with mobile devices and to watch live videos on them.

5. Cloudspeaker


Cloudspeaker provides free audio streaming services specially for radio stations, most of them are free, such as P2P streaming , website embedding, or the third party streaming. While using this site, you will get detailed statistics that show you the exact data about your listeners.After signing up, the configurations are comparatively more complex and the actual method of inputing media streams depends on the mode you select, but website owners can comprehend them with ease. Apart from English, the website also supports German.

6. Caster.Fm


Caster.Fm offers free audio streaming service only. During the registration, you can type the subdomain name you want to use. After activating the new account, you will be asked to start your radio server. Then all the details like server IP, username and password etc. will be shown in the dashboard. Manage them wisely to to start broadcasting. Embedding the audio on Caster.Fm on other on radio websites or blog is encouraged.


The developers of Caster.Fm are working hard on mobile radio websites and their apps for Android and iOS

So, these were the 6 free online streaming servers to host video and audio content. Do tell us whether these streaming servers helped you or not.