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5 Best Free Online Code Snippets Managers



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For programmers and developers, writing and then saving a piece of code for future reference is more important. From a programmer’s point of view, re-writing a code from scratch some time in future is considered as one of the most daunting tasks as nobody likes to dig the archive or write it again. While programming, saving a piece of code is not as difficult as it seems but finding it on the right time from the right place is something that could increase a coder’s productivity to a whole new level.

One can easily save those code snippets on plain text files and manage in neat folders directories but what if you need to share any of the codes to someone else who’s working with you remotely on a same project? or what if you need to access those codes snippets remotely, saved in your computer? Code Snippets Management tools are created exclusively for this purpose. These online tools not only help you create a whole library of your codes snippets but also manage all of them in folders, tags or labels so you can find it easily by typing in a few keywords. And since it’s all managed online, you can access your code library from anywhere or share it with anyone you like.

Following are some of the most popular Online Code Snippets Manager that you would love if you’re a programmer.


CSnipp is perhaps the oldest and one of the best tools where you can edit your code in real-time.


Not just this! CSnipp makes sure you set privacy on all the codes that you edit so this makes it something you don’t want to miss out on.



Gistbox is easily the smartest online snippet manager that you’ll find and it too is free of cost.


Group multiple code snippets together and make them the best thing that you may need. However, you will need a Github account to use Gistbox.


SnippLeaf is another great free online based snippet manager that doesn’t let you get in the trouble of signing up and directly signs you up with the help of your Facebook account.


Its simple UI will help you get the best out of your coding needs.

My Code Stock

My Code Stock is the latest snippet manager in the market that enables you to handle the best out of your code snippets without any hassle. This great and simple code manager is free of cost as well so all you’ll have to do is sign up.


My Code Stock is another great snippet manager that operates free of cost.

01 Sniptorg

Snipt aims to provide the people with the best and easy to use interface without any trouble the coder. It’s a one way ticket to awesomeness!

With the help of these 5 incredible tools you can get the best out your coding abilities and you won’t even have to travel with your laptop all the time. Edit codes anywhere and anytime.