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3 Fastest Ways to Connect a Smartphone with PC to Transfer Data



Do want to transfer data between your phone and PC? If the answer is yes then you must follow below 3 fastest ways to which can help you to transfer data between your Phone and PC.

connect pc mobile data transfer

Following are some of the simplest and fastest ways to transfer data between PC and mobile device. The methods below work for all types of mobile devices, including mobile phones and tablets and of all platforms, including Android and iOS based devices.

1. Using Online Third-Party Services

This method is quick and easy to use. To use this you must have an account with a website which stores your data and which can be accessed from anywhere. For this you can create an account on, Google Drive or Dropbox and install their app on your phone and then transfer that data to and from mobile device.

dropbox data sync

When you need to access that file then you can open your account for PC and use that file.

One of the best services, we would recommend is AirDroid. It is the perfect service to connect the two devices wirelessly and transfer data in matter of minutes with no cables or system drivers installation needed.


2. Using USB Cable

This method is also simple and requires no software installation to transfer data between phone and PC. This is the fastest way to transfer any file size as the cable directly connects the two devices.

connect mobile with cable

For this, you just need a USB Cable which can be used to connect your phone and PC together and then you can transfer any file you want to transfer between phone and PC.

3. Using Bluetooth Transfer

If your PC or Laptop supports Bluetooth then this would be the quickest way to send/receive set of files between PC and Phone.

mobile to pc bluetooth transfer

For larger files, like videos or movies this might not be the best choice to transfer as the data transfer rate is slower than the cable transfer method.

These are the fastest and very easy to use ways to connect and transfer files between PC and Phone. There are many other ways to do this job but these are most trusted and useful ones.


Let us know the other simpler ways you use to transfer data between your smartphones and PC.