11 FREE Services To Create Temporary Email Address To Be Safe From Spam


Are you bothered with the spam emails flooding your inbox? This is mostly because you gave your email address at many services and websites which they saved to send advertisements and crappy newsletters.

These nonsense emails actually drop down the important emails in the folder and takes a lot of time to be thrown out permanently. To avoid receiving any spam email, visit the services and Chrome Extensions which offer you to create temporary email address totally free.

Online Services To Create Disposable Email Address


In order to prevent spam, jetable.org is the best website which can create a temporary fake email address. Just when it is created, the emails that were sent to this email will be received on your actual email address. The email will be disposed of after a time span.

Drop Maildropmail

Drop Mail offers you to create an anonymous email address for untrusted websites and services. The service provides unlimited lifetime for the inbox until the page is refreshed. You can generate disposable email address in unlimited numbers by just one click.

Trash Mail


With trash mail’s website and Chrome add-on, you are free to create a free disposable email address. All the emails that will be dropped in this email inbox will be forwarded to your real email address. Once the time limit is crossed, the email will be disposed of automatically. At Trash Mail, all the spam emails will be rejected on its own.

trashmail google chrome

Mail Dropmaildrop

If you are concerned that a certain website will share your email address with advertisers, you can sign up to Mail Drop to create a disposable email address. All you have to do is provide an email address to which you want all your emails to be forwarded to.

Now My Mailnow my mail

Now My Mail can be used in places to avoid spam where you do not want to leave your private email address for trusting issues. If you use Now My Mail, nobody will be able to know your real email address, not even the owners. The service is completely free and does not require registration.

Melt Mailmelt mail

Melt Mail is a famous service to create a disposable email address for email forwarding. The service avoids spam emails and is totally free. You can also use this service on an Android or iOS mobile. Once you define a time span, the email will be deleted on its own as soon as it meets the deadline.

Guerrilla Mailguerrilla mail

Create a disposable email address with Guerrilla Mail as it keeps your inbox safe and free of spam. The service deals with more than a billion anonymous emails in one time and is highly popular in this regard.

Throw Away Mailthrow away mail

Throw Away Mail is another service for disposable email addresses. Every time a visitor comes to their website, a new email is created. The generated email address can instantly start receiving emails free of spam. No other person than the owner of the email will be able to see the emails.

Yop Mailyopmail

Yop Mail is a free service for disposable email creation. All the accounts that are created at Yop mail exist without any need to be created. You can choose or set a unique email address and start working with it.

Chrome Addons To Generate Temporary Email Address

Easy disposable email address

easy disposible

In order to create an anonymous email address, you need to right click where there is a need of it and a temporary email will be created in the next tab. This extension makes it too easy to have a disposable email address.

Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address

disposable temporary

This is one more Chrome extension which is free and easy to use. The add-on creates a random email address which is disposable and will be deleted after a prescribed time. This service comes handy at places where registration confirmation is required.