Best 12 Sites To Backup Data Online for FREE


Those who had lost their precious data due to any reason know the true importance of backing up data properly. Most of us have passed through this phase of losing data and this inevitable. Nobody knows what could be the reason when our years old of important data and documents are lost.

Even after tight security through Antivirus and Anti-hacking programs you can still can’t be assured about 100% data safety. Whether it’s a virus, a crashed hard drive or even a stolen computer — data loss is inevitable and you have to be prepared for it in advance.

Most of us find it more convenient to keep important data in external hard drives or portable flash drives. But a backup hardware placed there the original data is still at a risk. This is why Online Backup Services are preferred by professionals and business owners where your data is not only safe and secure but also portable so you can manage, view or download it from anywhere around the world.

Keeping that in mind I managed to find all those professional services which offer online data backup. This is not a ranking list but a helpful resource to know more about those services. Almost all of them offer a basic account at no cost and paid accounts where you can backup gigs of data.

1. IDrive

FREE Space : (2+10) GBidrive logo

Get 2 GB of online backup space absolutely free. Store your photos, documents and other important data.Incremental and compressed backups that significantly reduces your network bandwidth usage by transferring only modified portions of files. It’s desktop client makes your life a lot more easier.Just right click any file or folder and select backup to backup files silently in the background.

Actually with iDrive you can get 12GB of absolutely FREE storage space. Well, there’s a little trick to get the additional 10GB. I’m personally using iDrive as primary backup storage with 12GB of free account. See the trick here.

2. Mozy

FREE Space : 2 GBmozy logo

Very popular among novice users. Get 2 GB of 100% free online backup for your photos, music, and other files. No setup fee, no credit cards, no monthly payments or fees, and no hassle. Not so user friendly desktop client but service is pretty fast.

3. SkyDrive

FREE Space : 25 GB + Easy Sharingskydrive logo

Official Microsoft’s service. You get a 25 GB of free online storage. Store, access, and share thousands of documents, photos, and Microsoft Office files on Windows Live SkyDrive. SkyDrive password-protects your files so you control who has access to them. All you need is a Live ID to get started.

4. FileDen

FREE Space : 1 GB + files hotlinkingfileden logo

With over 2 million + customers, Fileden is liked for it’s large number of different purposes from image hosting to secure online backups. It is one of the few services that allows all customers to directly link to their files without annoying download pages or waiting times and comes with a standard yearly 99.5% uptime guarantee.

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5. Humyo

FREE Space : 10 GBhumyo logo

You can enjoy 10GB of FREE online storage  — free of charge for as long as you want. Humyo is now a partner with famous TrendMicro Inc. The only negative point of Humyo is you can only access your files through web. There’s no desktop client available so far.

6. OpenDrive

FREE Space : 5 GB + files direct linkingopendrive logo

Offer realtime files sync. An extremely user friendly desktop client for faster access and backing up. No limitation on file types and best of all offer direct linking of files. 5GB free account.

7. MyOtherDrive

FREE Space : 2 GBmyotherdrive logo

2GB of FREE basic account with no limitations. Drag files and folders from your Desktop, the Windows Explorer, or other applications and drop them on the MyOtherDrive desktop for instant backups.

8. FlipDrive

FREE Space : 1 GBflipdrive logo

It is your own virtual online storage space, where you will be able to store, access, share, and backup all your data. Securely store your files, contacts, photo albums, favorite sites, calendar, and other information on FlipDrive. No Limitations on files types.

9. FilesAnyWhere

FREE Space : 1 GBfilesanywhere logo

1GB FREE Accounts have download limits of 25MB per-file and 25 downloads/day. MediaPlayer limited to 25 plays/day. Except these limitations there are no limitations on file types.

10. ElephantDrive

FREE Space : 2 GBelephantdrive logo

Single click files and photo sharing. ElephantDrive offers a very comprehensive packages for both home and enterprise users.

11. Spideroak

FREE Space : 2 GBspideroak logo

SpiderOak provides an easy, secure and consolidated free online backup, sync, sharing, access & storage solution for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora & openSUSE). Only online data backup that offers desktop clients compatible with almost all operating systems.

12. Dmailer

FREE Space : 2 GBdmailer logo

Dmailer Backup is FREE backup software for your PC or Mac and includes a FREE 2GB Dmailer Online backup account for additional storage. Offers a desktop client.