Windows 7 God Mode Explained: How to Enable God Mode in Windows 7


Most of the new users when hear of Windows 7 God Mode they think of some kind of special mode of windows 7. Well, First of all it’s not any kind of mode or special feature – It’s just a folder pack full of Windows 7 common control panel and settings tasks, that’s it! Secondly You do not need any expertise to enable or use this feature.

Windows 7 God Mode is just a basic folder that brings complete control of the entire operating system to a single desktop icon. In this specially created folder you can see:

Interface customization options, Control Panel programs, accessibility options, Action Center, Backup and Restore, Autorun, Desktop Gadgets, Devices and Printers – almost every configuration settings for your system. It’s just like having a system’s central control from one folder.

To enable this:

1. Create a new folder anywhere in your Windows 7, say on desktop.

2. And name the folder:


3. Hit Enter and That’s it.

You’ll see a new folder named “God Mode”. Double Click the folder and see 46 sections with 276 quick links to utilities or configuration options for your Windows 7.

You can change the name of the folder from “GodMode” to something else, like your name:


This would still work.

See the cnet’s explanatory video on creating God Mode in Windows 7:

Hope this explains the simple method.