Alienware Invader – A Stunning Skin for Your Windows Media Player 11


The Most Advanced Windows Media Player Skin
Alienware Invader™ is one of the most popular skins for Windows Media Player 11 by Alienware Corporations.

The Skin was initially made for Windows Media Player 10 and later was upgraded to support WMP11.

Invader features a 580+ frame stunning intro animation, sound fx and a design that is simply “out of this world.”

Alienware Invader skin for WMP 11 - Multi view
The Skin radically transforms your Windows Media Player 11 to a new beautiful looking animated media player with exceptional sound effects which adds a new exciting audible-visual element to the music-listening experience.

Although the skin was part of the Alienware Invader Desktop Skin Suite and released years ago but I recently downloaded and installed the skin to my WMP 11 and believe me it’s the most stunning looking skin that I’ve downloaded so far!

Most Popular skin for Windows Media Player (WMP) 11

If you want to download and apply the skin:


  • Extract the skin from the zip and copy the skin file to “C:Program FilesWindows Media PlayerSkins”



  • Double Click the skin file to associate it with Windows Media Player



  • From “Skin Chooser” of WMP Select and Apply the skin





Download Alienware Invader™ from WMP 11
[filesize: 57.63 MB]

Please share some WMP skins you like as I like to experience new skins and visual effects to my Windows Media Player.