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Annoyed with Browser Popups? Learn Some Sure Shot Ways to Avoid Unwanted Popups


We all hate those unnecessary advertisements that pop up on our computer screens and divert our attention while we are busy working. Whether they are informative, spammy or just some plain weight-loss ads, pop ups are both a hassle and danger to our computers. An accidental click on any of… Read more »

Easily Create Hard Drive Partitions in Windows 8


Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 offer a handy disk management service which allows you to create, resize and remove hard disk partitions at a considerable speed, without any need to boot into a specific disk utility or buy an additional software. This tutorial will further demonstrate the use of… Read more »

3 Desktop Tools to Enhance or Beautify Your Ugly Photos


With the introduction of digital cameras, photos are now taken in very high-resolutions. Photos saturation, colors, brightness are so real that sometimes we don’t want to see so much details. The actual object in the photo is either too in-detail or the background lights dims the person or object in… Read more »

Easiest Ways to Monitor Kids Online Activities


Kids can be a lot of trouble as they grow up. Back in the 80’s or the 90’s you could keep an eye on everything that they’re doing without facing any problems. But times have changed and the internet was introduced to the world. The internet has both good and… Read more »

Best FREE Screencast Software for Windows


Ever wondered how all those video tutorials on different educational websites are captured from a software? In many online resources, the video is recorded so smoothly, tracking each and every movement on the screen. All these amazing video tutorials and other YouTube videos are actually recorded with screen casting software…. Read more »

Tools To Check What’s Causing Your System to Heat Up


Do you ever think that your system is heating up way too quickly? Of course you do but you’re no computer genius, are you? Obviously. You can’t determine why your computer is behaving the way it’s behaving and you end up having a wrecked laptop that you can’t do anything… Read more »

How To Completely Control PC Through Your Smartphone


There might be plenty of reasons why a person chooses to completely control a personal computer through a smartphone. People who travel a lot, the ones with a ‘headless’ (no monitor) computer, theater freaks with little intention to get around with mouse and keyboard, or someone who is lazy enough… Read more »

FREE Dictionary Desktop Tools With Pronunciation for Windows

Free Dictionaries for Windows, Free Desktop Dictionary tools, Free Dictionary software,

No matter how well versed we are in English vocabulary we all need to consult dictionary to get acquainted with words unfamiliar to us. In the fast paced life of today it is a tough task to dig out numerous pages of a printed dictionary especially when we have to… Read more »

3 Best Sites to Download MP3 Songs for FREE in Few Clicks

free sites to download mp3

Listening to songs is quite charming but downloading them is no less than a headache these days. Whether the required song is available or not, dozens of ads hidden beneath every click, pop ups and redirecting links are flooded all over the sites where downloading becomes a struggle for many. However,… Read more »

Best Free Tools to Create Bootable USB for Windows Installation

bootable usb flash drive

Installation of Windows OS is mostly done using a CD but CD ROM Drives are getting obsolete day by day and taken by many other data transfer mediums like USB flash drives. Flash drives are not only portable but also much faster than CD/DVD’s in terms of data transfer speed. Data… Read more »

Lightest Antivirus of All – 3 Best Antivirus Reviewed to Pick the Best


What’s the one essential software today that each and every computer needs? Need a hint? Well, it’s the same software application that you install right after you install a fresh copy of your operating system. That’s right! We’re talking about Antivirus software. Antiviruses are perhaps the most important piece of… Read more »

How to Avoid Those USB Flash Drive Viruses on Permanent Basis


Ever wondered how every USB flash drive suddenly stops working for you? Do you know why your important files get lost on a daily basis due to USB flash drive crashes and errors? Well the answer to that are Viruses. Yes! As every other drive in your computer, USB flash… Read more »

How Can You Monitor Activity in Your WiFi Network

Monitor WiFi Activity

When managing a business or even a home network needs to keep an eye on each of the bills. One of these bills that keeps rising in amount every few months is the internet bill and won’t you hate it when you find out that someone else is using the… Read more »

Most Powerful Data Recovery Tool for Mac and it’s FREE to Use!

Mac Data Recovery Software

The worst case scenario in this digital age is when you lose all your data stored on your computer and there is no way to restore that data. It doesn’t matter if your data is important or not but you are not Happy to lose your data. But to solve… Read more »

Free iPhone Data Recovery Tool – Recover Lost iPhone Data Easily

Recover lost iPhone data

You can’t find any free iPhone data recovery software at other data recovery companies. In paying a good deal for retrieving lost iPhone data; however, 321Soft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac software gives a absolutely free yet powerful iPhone data recovery solution for all iPhone users. Sometimes important files could… Read more »

Listen & Download FREE Music From [Review]


Tired of searching your favorite songs on the web with ease? Well, forget those days of tiring searches because is here to save your precious time. At you will find all your favorite songs. Starting from the old classics to the new generation rock, you name it and… Read more »

Rip Audio With Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder [Review]

free online audio recorder

Music feeds one’s soul, this is a common definition that many people tend to use. Moreover, music has become part of people’s lives as it gives a different pleasure to them and allow them to relax after long hours of work. Or going on bars will never be complete without… Read more »

8 FREE Online Video Editing Tools [No Installation Needed]


With the help of these FREE Online Video Editing Tools you can edit videos trough browser even you don’t have enough knowledge in video editing; they can be used even without plugins to download. Some of these services allow to share finished videos through various social networking sites while others allow… Read more »

5 Useful & Free Tools To Convert Word to PDF

Free Tools To Convert Word to PDF

PDF has several features that supports in protecting the files compared to the simple one. In addition, by using PDF form, hackers can’t easily hack your formal application into different organization. Besides, it has advanced compression able algorithms in order that graphics and photos can be added on the related… Read more »

How To Keep Data Safe on Smartphones – Best Security Measures

How To Keep Data Safe on Smartphones

Introduction of new smartphones have transformed the business world so much that people are increasingly reliant on their smartphones to keep track on all kinds of activities weather internet browsing, maintaining internet IDs and financial accounts, banking, bill tracking  and even diary writing. With smartphone revolution, all of the sensitive… Read more »

4 Best Antivirus Solutions Exclusively Developed For Windows 8

Best Antivirus for Windows 8

Windows 8 is Microsoft latest OS, we will discuss here Anti-Virus that are exclusively designed for Windows 8

Get the Official Free License of avast! Internet Security For 3 Years

avast! Internet Security

Having over 150 million registered users worldwide, avast! is one of the most famous security software & solution providers. Unfortunately, apart from the avast! Free Antivirus, most of its products are not free. However, avast! is promoting its products right now and offering Free License of avast! Internet Security which covers… Read more »

Apowersoft – Free Online Screen Recorder [Review]

Free Online Screen Recorder

After acquiring lot of knowledge that we keep sharing with people through videos on YouTube and plenty of others video sharing networks. Recently I came to know that license of my screen recording application is expired. Pretty unlucky! But not for much time as you later realized it was actually… Read more »

Ninite for Windows 8: One Click Installer for Popular Freeware Utilities


Entering into the world of Windows 8 on your system? Well, let’s assume that you’ve successfully installed Windows 8 and even got all your settings back. But what about the applications you installed? Conventionally, you would download the installer for the particular app or software you require, run it, and… Read more »

5 Best Minimalistic Text Editors You Should Try To Increase Productivity


In the world of writers, poets and bloggers there are a number of word processing applications, some with full-fledged tools and options to provide a powerful experience. But too many options have given the need for a relatively uncluttered software and apps for writers. These software often lead to frustration,… Read more »

5 Best Free Websites to Download Your Lost And Damaged DLL Files


Dynamic-Link Library, or DLL for short, is the one of the most fundamental files that supports the daily operation of your Windows-based computers. You can see it in every folder that has been installed a program, especially /Program Files and /WINDOWS, etc. The loss of any one of such files… Read more »

How To Download Google Play Store Apps (.apk) Directly To PC

Download any app

The trick to downloads apps from Google Play Store directly to your PC indeed provides great relief to all the android users. Yes, an advanced android user often flash their android phone/tablet with custom ROM available or may Reset their phone/tablet at some or the other point. This is the… Read more »

Some Proven Ways For Making WordPress Site Almost Unhackable

wordpress security

Every day we encounter with at least an unexpected report about a hacked site and this makes us little worried about our own site too. It can be possible that right now a hacker from some part of the globe is attempting to hack into your site. There’s perfectly fits… Read more »

5 FREE Tools To Recover Corrupt/Damaged Files

Storing your data by digital method is surely safer and more convenient than in traditional prints, except one defect which can never be ignored: a broken hard disk, an invasion of viruses or a transporting failure may damage your important documents, so we need to get them back using file… Read more »

Make International Calls With These FREE Mobile VoIP Apps

download (22)

VoIP apps are making their places in smartphones so rapidly that people are preferring mobile apps to make international calls from their smartphones connected with internet. Services offering VoIP are now have exteremely low charges or no charges at all. These VoIP services are now offering so many features. International calling, free voice mails with… Read more »

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