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Most Powerful Data Recovery Tool for Mac and it’s FREE to Use!

Mac Data Recovery Software

The worst case scenario in this digital age is when you lose all your data stored on your computer and there is no way to restore that data. It doesn’t matter if your data is important or not but you are not Happy to lose your data. But to solve… Read more »

Free iPhone Data Recovery Tool – Recover Lost iPhone Data Easily

Recover lost iPhone data

You can’t find any free iPhone data recovery software at other data recovery companies. In paying a good deal for retrieving lost iPhone data; however, 321Soft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac software gives a absolutely free yet powerful iPhone data recovery solution for all iPhone users. Sometimes important files could… Read more »

Listen & Download FREE Music From [Review]


Tired of searching your favorite songs on the web with ease? Well, forget those days of tiring searches because is here to save your precious time. At you will find all your favorite songs. Starting from the old classics to the new generation rock, you name it and… Read more »

Rip Audio With Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder [Review]

free online audio recorder

Music feeds one’s soul, this is a common definition that many people tend to use. Moreover, music has become part of people’s lives as it gives a different pleasure to them and allow them to relax after long hours of work. Or going on bars will never be complete without… Read more »

8 FREE Online Video Editing Tools [No Installation Needed]


With the help of these FREE Online Video Editing Tools you can edit videos trough browser even you don’t have enough knowledge in video editing; they can be used even without plugins to download. Some of these services allow to share finished videos through various social networking sites while others allow… Read more »

5 Useful & Free Tools To Convert Word to PDF

Free Tools To Convert Word to PDF

PDF has several features that supports in protecting the files compared to the simple one. In addition, by using PDF form, hackers can’t easily hack your formal application into different organization. Besides, it has advanced compression able algorithms in order that graphics and photos can be added on the related… Read more »

How To Keep Data Safe on Smartphones – Best Security Measures

How To Keep Data Safe on Smartphones

Introduction of new smartphones have transformed the business world so much that people are increasingly reliant on their smartphones to keep track on all kinds of activities weather internet browsing, maintaining internet IDs and financial accounts, banking, bill tracking  and even diary writing. With smartphone revolution, all of the sensitive… Read more »

4 Best Antivirus Solutions Exclusively Developed For Windows 8

Best Antivirus for Windows 8

Windows 8 is Microsoft latest OS, we will discuss here Anti-Virus that are exclusively designed for Windows 8

Get the Official Free License of avast! Internet Security For 3 Years

avast! Internet Security

Having over 150 million registered users worldwide, avast! is one of the most famous security software & solution providers. Unfortunately, apart from the avast! Free Antivirus, most of its products are not free. However, avast! is promoting its products right now and offering Free License of avast! Internet Security which covers… Read more »

Apowersoft – Free Online Screen Recorder [Review]

Free Online Screen Recorder

After acquiring lot of knowledge that we keep sharing with people through videos on YouTube and plenty of others video sharing networks. Recently I came to know that license of my screen recording application is expired. Pretty unlucky! But not for much time as you later realized it was actually… Read more »

Ninite for Windows 8: One Click Installer for Popular Freeware Utilities


Entering into the world of Windows 8 on your system? Well, let’s assume that you’ve successfully installed Windows 8 and even got all your settings back. But what about the applications you installed? Conventionally, you would download the installer for the particular app or software you require, run it, and… Read more »

5 Best Minimalistic Text Editors You Should Try To Increase Productivity


In the world of writers, poets and bloggers there are a number of word processing applications, some with full-fledged tools and options to provide a powerful experience. But too many options have given the need for a relatively uncluttered software and apps for writers. These software often lead to frustration,… Read more »

5 Best Free Websites to Download Your Lost And Damaged DLL Files


Dynamic-Link Library, or DLL for short, is the one of the most fundamental files that supports the daily operation of your Windows-based computers. You can see it in every folder that has been installed a program, especially /Program Files and /WINDOWS, etc. The loss of any one of such files… Read more »

How To Download Google Play Store Apps (.apk) Directly To PC

Download any app

The trick to downloads apps from Google Play Store directly to your PC indeed provides great relief to all the android users. Yes, an advanced android user often flash their android phone/tablet with custom ROM available or may Reset their phone/tablet at some or the other point. This is the… Read more »

Some Proven Ways For Making WordPress Site Almost Unhackable

wordpress security

Every day we encounter with at least an unexpected report about a hacked site and this makes us little worried about our own site too. It can be possible that right now a hacker from some part of the globe is attempting to hack into your site. There’s perfectly fits… Read more »

5 FREE Tools To Recover Corrupt/Damaged Files

Storing your data by digital method is surely safer and more convenient than in traditional prints, except one defect which can never be ignored: a broken hard disk, an invasion of viruses or a transporting failure may damage your important documents, so we need to get them back using file… Read more »

Make International Calls With These FREE Mobile VoIP Apps

download (22)

VoIP apps are making their places in smartphones so rapidly that people are preferring mobile apps to make international calls from their smartphones connected with internet. Services offering VoIP are now have exteremely low charges or no charges at all. These VoIP services are now offering so many features. International calling, free voice mails with… Read more »

How To Use Your Laptop As A WiFi Hotspot or Repeater


Almost all homes and offices are connected to a network connection these days, either through a dongle or a cable connection. Wireless routers, which enable you to share your connection with other wireless compatible devices, are also gaining popularity. The catch is that wireless routers are stationed at a single… Read more »

5 Best Websites to Get Trusted Reviews and Comparisons of Antivirus


How many antivirus software products have you used in the past? How often do you change your security suite? Once, twice, or none? Do not be too confident of your PC or Mac since there have been thousands of malicious eyes peeping at your secret folders and accounts. On the… Read more »

Free Skype Plugins To Record Voice and Video Calls on Skype

Skype record video-audio

When we talk about online video chats or conference calls, Skype is the first thing that strikes our mind. No matter what the “type” of your call, Skype is just a best tool. But usually, Skype doesn’t allow you to record conversations due to some security reasons. But this restriction… Read more »

ScreenCamera.Net – The Ultimate Video Studio in Real-time for FREE [GIVEAWAY]


PCWinSoft is giving out free copies of ScreenCamera.Net, the real-time video studio and virtual camera software. ScreenCamera.Net costs $99.95 but in here you grab it for FREE, no gimmicks. Don’t miss out on this opportunity of having the pleasure to save $99.95 and simultaneously win a fun to play virtual… Read more »

How To Prevent Spam Registrations And Purchases On Your Website


If you are having your own site and already bothered by some fake registrations or if you have just initiated your own shopping store and long to keep it protected against spams, then a tool to prevent spam registrations is a must prerequisite to follow. This piece of blog recommends all… Read more »

FREE Apps to Control Fan Speed and Computer Temperature

Speed fan

Your computer might be sounding a bit louder especially in summers because of cooling fans that are running at maximum speed, even without any need. This problem is mostly common among assembled computers as the speed of fan is not configured and so they work at maximum speed always. So,… Read more »

5 Best FREE Software To Control And Manage Remote PC


Our ancestors once dreamed of staying here and dominating there. Today, we finally achieved their dream. Not the Force of Jedi, not the magic of witch, but the Remote Control & Manage Software – that is the fascination of technology. Remote PC Management software are very useful when network administrators… Read more »

Safeguard Your Computer with These Important Tips

pc protection shiled

It is crucial to exercise caution when it comes to personal information. If you do not want an individual of questionable character to access your computer hard drive or online account, the tips to safeguard PC below may prove useful. If you are unsure about how to enact a step,… Read more »

The Benefits of PDF Creation Apps for Your Business

PDF ebooks icon

Being able to convert PDF files on a regular basis can be one of the most valuable tasks that your business can do. When your business is able to convert a PDF file into Excel or Word, it is able to instantly create business presentations or important documents for your… Read more »

Jotti’s Malware Scan : The All In One Online Virus Scanner

Jotti's Malware Scan

Viruses are always on the loose and affect thousands of computers worldwide daily. However, many anti-virus software exist online or in the markets that can be used to fend these viruses off. But choosing an antivirus itself is a daunting task. Some are good and effective, while others are not… Read more »

Search For Music By Singing Or Humming Through Midomi


It often happens, there is that one song that you heard in some commercial or somewhere else randomly, and now it is stuck in your head. The song caught your attention and you want to listen to it completely now,  but you just can’t seem to search it out because… Read more »

5 Best All-in-one PC Security Suites For 2012/2013

PC security

In this era, technology is evolving at an exponential rate. With the new and latest technologies, there come more sophisticated ways to circumvent security and get under the hood. And computer viruses and malware are no exception. These days, such Trojans and Malware are being used as tools for espionage, stealing valuable… Read more »

5 Free Software to Make Unattended/Silent Installers


The software that computer users require to updates over certain time intervals, and that results in constant notification reminders from the computer. Are you one of those people that are constantly bugged by these reminders? Well, you’re at the right place then. There is a way to get you rid… Read more »

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