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Quick Ways To Transfer Files Between PC and Android Device Using WiFi



myexplorer android file transfer

To transfer files between PC and Android device and vice versa has never been this easy. All credit goes to the many new apps and technologies that have made file sharing a very easy task. One of the most popular ways of transferring files either from mobile phone to PC or vice versa is with the help of a USB cable. Nowadays, sharing of data through Bluetooth is much easier as it requires no physical connection between the desktop computers and mobile phone.

But transferring through Bluetooth also has its own limitations. The transfer via Bluetooth is very short ranged and the speed of the transfer is very slow. As an alternative, you can even transfer data with the help of Wi-Fi connection. These days almost all smart phones come equipped with Wi-Fi. Many applications are also available which make the task of sharing files through Wi-Fi a less cumbersome deal. Here are some of the popular apps used for sharing data through Wi-Fi.

You may find all the apps below in Google Play Store.

Apps To Transfer Files Between PC and Android Device

1. X-Link

x link transfer files android

It is one of the popular applications used for transferring files from one Android phone to another phone or PC using Wi-Fi. Sharing of files can only be done on the condition that all the devices are using the same Wi-Fi network, or are connected via an Ad hoc Wi-Fi network. X-link works with the Java based desktop client and is compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems. Sharing of files through X-link is very easy. You just need to browse the files, search for your device and share the file through X-link.

2. DropSpot

Transfer Files Between PC and Android Device

Like X-link, DropSpot is another great application to transfer files between multiple Android phones and PC. Transferring files through DropSpot is quite easy. DropSpot has an easy to use interface; all you need to do is connect your phone and PC on the same Wi-Fi network. To send a file from your PC to the mobile phone, just drag and drop the file from your PC to your web browser(preferable Chrome). The free version of the application only supports files upto a size of 5 MB.


3. Connectify

Connectify also allows us to Transfer Files Between PC and Android Device or any other smart phone which supports Connectify via a Wi-Fi. In Connectify users can drag and drop the files that want to share in their “hotspot”. This hotspot is created through the PC client, and all device connected to the same hotspot can share files among themselves. It has a unique “Help me option”, which detects the best connection (direct Wi-Fi or through the internet) and makes the sharing of data lot more easy and fast.

4. My Explorer

myexplorer android file transfer

With My Explorer you can access any files or folder on any device connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It supports various operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac. Sharing of files and data is very easy with My Explorer, you just need to open the app on your device and then simply copy paste the files in the device where you want to transfer them. MyExplorer also supports accessing the external storage devices on a LAN.

These are few of the majorly used apps to Transfer Files Between PC and Android Device.

Post about your favorite apps in the comments below.