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Free Online Meme Generators – Now Create Your Own Meme and Trolls



MEME or trolls

Meme is actually coined as an abbreviation from a Greek word “mimeme”, which means take or follow as a model or simply copying something. Meme (pronounced as meem) is basically an idea that spreads like flu by words, blogs, email, social networks, etc. It can also be termed as an idea that passes on from one generation to another. A meme over Internet is called as Internet meme or troll which is intimated from one person to another but only online.

An online meme or troll can be about anything which may or may have any relation with the real world. It can include videos, images or even simple phrases. An internet meme most probably is an online creation and stay online but sometimes you may see them spreading to the offline world.

For making it clearer, here’s few examples of Meme or trolls:

MEME or trolls

If you’re using online social networks, you may have encounters such type of meme or trolls and often wondered how people create them? Well, it’s so easy to create a meme or troll. There are thousands of free online meme generators using which you can create thousands of trolls.

Top Free Sites To Generate Online Meme



DIYLOL is a basic meme generator where one can creates simple meme by uploading any picture. The DIYLOL allows users to add text at the top as well as on the bottom. Apart from that, user can also name his/her meme.


2. MEME Generator

Meme generator is an advance meme generator, where you can choose your own caption for existing image. You can even create your own character and caption it. Apart from this, you can use various inbuilt characters and pictures with your own caption to make really cool and impressive meme.

3. Rage Generator


Rage Generator is one of the mostly used online meme generators  which can be used to create effective conversational meme. Rage generator looks like a WYSIWYG editor with which you can select different characters in a different scene and add a balloon caption to each scene. The site also has a huge database of meme which has user uploaded popular trolls.

4. Meme Crunch

Meme Crunch

Meme Crunch is another Meme generator which allows you to choose either any inbuilt image or user upload to image to create a meme. You can add your own captions at both top and bottom to complete it.



ZIPME is a another basic site from the list of popularly used online meme generators. Like Meme Crunch generator it allows you to choose either any inbuilt image or user upload to image to create a meme. Apart from that, you can add captions on image wherever you want to.

6. Quick Meme Generator

quickmeme meme generator

With Quick meme generator you can generate basic meme or trolls effectively. You can either use any inbuilt image or you can upload your own image. After that, you can add text to the meme wherever you want to. It can also generate smiley’s meme for you.


7. We Know Memes

ZipMeme Meme Generator`

We know meme’s lets you choose any image from their database and then you can edit captions on it and create your own meme. This is probably a quick way to convert an effective punch into troll.

These online meme generators can be used to create some creative meme or trolls. It indeed saves users from various formalities that are required to create a meme.

Well, if you have any such good service in your mind, please do share it with us in the comment section below. 🙂