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How To Permanently Destroy or Wipe Hard Drive Data To Make It Unrecoverable

wipe hard drive data

When a new hard disk drive is installed in a system, the previous one is wasted by formatting several times and after ensuring that everything was deleted successfully. However, it does not happen exactly how everyone sees it. There are tools and resources that provide services to recover data from… Read more »

How To Make Your Smartphone Learn & Predict Your Typing Pattern With Swiftkey

smartphone typing prediction

If you do not know about Swiftkey, let me tell you that it is an iOS and Android keyboard which won the coveted award for the most innovative app and also appears to be Google Play Editor’s Best Choice app. The app is capable of not just recognizing the patterns… Read more »

Not Getting Enough Sales? 11 Things You Might Be Missing Before Promoting Your Site

things to do before website promotion

If there has been a long time since you launched your website and it is not proving to be a great support for your sales, you are in the wrong taxi moving towards the wrong address. Need not to worry anymore, as following checklist of few important and working things to… Read more »

High Volume Annoying Alarm Clock Mobile Apps for Super Lazy People

Annoying Alarm Clock Mobile Apps

If you are habitual of turning off your alarm clock to get that famous 5-more-minute sleep and end up sleeping like a zombie and getting late for school or work, this is the right place for you to crash in. The annoying alarm clock mobile apps featured in this article… Read more »

Setup Your Video Call and Meeting Room Online in Few Clicks Without Signup

video meeting room

Times come when you are lonely in your room and suddenly, you want to watch a TV show with your friends. Right there, at the very moment! But how can this happen? The answer is free online meeting platforms. Yes, there are services and apps that let people share their… Read more »

7 Recently Introduced Features Of iOS9 That Android Had Ages Ago

iOS9 features of Android

The Apple users seem to be quite delighted with the recent features offered by iOS9. Undoubtedly, Apple has been working really hard in the past few years to give its customers what they really wished for. Just to take away some of the happiness for a little time, this article… Read more »

8 Best Services To Add Internal Site Search To Your Website

add internal site search

Adding an internal site search can be extremely helpful for those who own websites and blogs with hundreds and thousands of articles, posts, and pages. For regular visitors, it appears to be very beneficial as they don’t have to scroll down or toggle between numerous pages to find one particular… Read more »

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