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Setup Your Video Call and Meeting Room Online in Few Clicks Without Signup

video meeting room

Times come when you are lonely in your room and suddenly, you want to watch a TV show with your friends. Right there, at the very moment! But how can this happen? The answer is free online meeting platforms. Yes, there are services and apps that let people share their… Read more »

7 Recently Introduced Features Of iOS9 That Android Had Ages Ago

iOS9 features of Android

The Apple users seem to be quite delighted with the recent features offered by iOS9. Undoubtedly, Apple has been working really hard in the past few years to give its customers what they really wished for. Just to take away some of the happiness for a little time, this article… Read more »

8 Best Services To Add Internal Site Search To Your Website

add internal site search

Adding an internal site search can be extremely helpful for those who own websites and blogs with hundreds and thousands of articles, posts, and pages. For regular visitors, it appears to be very beneficial as they don’t have to scroll down or toggle between numerous pages to find one particular… Read more »

5 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites With International Shipping

Cheapest Online Shopping Sites

Online shopping is, on one hand, extremely popular due to its easy accessibility options. On the other hand, some people refrain from shopping online as they don’t trust completely on online payment options or they find it extremely expensive. If your concern belongs to the latter category, you have come… Read more »

Download Facebook Videos with Social Video Downloader in Few Clicks on Your Phone

download Facebook Videos

Facebook embodies a whole new world under its umbrella. With users exceeding billions, without any doubt, Facebook is the most used and popular social media platform for people no matter which country they belong to. With the passing years, the developers and creators of Facebook have made many changes in… Read more »

How To Convert Live Photos to GIF Format in iPhone 6S

convert live photos to GIF

Since the iPhone 6s has made its place in the international news, almost every potential buyer is waiting for one feature to try – the live photos. The live photos that Apple will be providing in the new iPhones are limited to iOS9 users only. However, the GIFs can be… Read more »

Make Domain Searching Less Painful With These 9 Domain Name Generator Tools

Domain Name Generator tool

When starting a website or designing an app, the first thing that needs to be decided is the name. The latest SEO trends suggest to choose a domain name which consists of relative keywords to make ranking better and indexing easier for most of the search engines like Google, Yahoo,… Read more »

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