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Snappy: All in One Driver Installer For All Your System Drivers


Snappy system driver installer is a freeware for Windows which is an All in One Driver Installer and can be used as a complete solution to install all types of drivers on your system. There are two main sources which are supported by the program namely driver packs and local… Read more »

Who’s using my WiFi? 4 Tools To Check Who’s Connected

Who's using my WiFi

Just like the possibility of having your account password compromised, the same could happen with your WiFi login credentials. There might be a chance that the reason for experiencing problems with your network speed is because someone else is using it. Instead of thinking and worrying about who’s using my… Read more »

Some Vocabulary Games To Play Offline When Your Internet Is Down

games to play when internet is down

Are you tired of using the same few words again and again while conversations and writing? Do you feel lazy to join a vocabulary class or find an online course for that matter? Since you have a weak vocabulary and don’t want to get bored in a typical class where… Read more »

5 Messenger Apps Better Than Whatsapp You Didn’t Know

Messenger Apps Better Than Whatsapp

Are you tired of upgrading Whatsapp every now and then? We all know Whatsapp is only free for a year for Android users and for iOS users, it costs a one-time $0.99 fee. But what about other OS users like Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows Phone? No matter which platform you… Read more »

Make Money With Android Phone By Making Your Lock Screen Interactive

Make money with android phone

What if you’re told that you can make money with android phone every time you unlock it? Sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s possible with Slidejoy Lock screen. It’s an app that makes your lock screen interactive and monetizes it. Make Money With Android Phone Using Slidejoy… Read more »

4 Top Resources To Teach and Learn Skills Online

Learn Skills Online

During college and university life, it becomes very necessary to remain one step ahead of other students. This can only be done if you are engaged in something more than the syllabus like online or offline courses. In order to learn skills online that can help alongside the syllabus or… Read more »

11 FREE Services To Create Temporary Email Address To Be Safe From Spam


Are you bothered with the spam emails flooding your inbox? This is mostly because you gave your email address at many services and websites which they saved to send advertisements and crappy newsletters. These nonsense emails actually drop down the important emails in the folder and takes a lot of… Read more »

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