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How To Display Your Name in Windows 7 Taskbar Clock



Windows operating system allows to configure the various formats of time, Regional Language, Date and Currency.  Today I’m going to tell you a little trick through which you can display your name or any other text you like in windows task bar clock. You can set the different names for both AM and PM so that when its AM time it may be “Good Morning” and when it is PM time you can set it to “Good Evening” or what ever else. You can always go back to your default settings by pressing the Rest button in case if you don’t like the new settings.

1. Click on your windows 7 start button then select Control panel and then click on Region and Language.

2. A new dialog box will appear, just click Additional Settings button.

3. Customize Format dialog box will appear, select Time tab form the top of the box.

4. Now type tt h:mm in the long Time Format.

5. Put any thing in AM and PM boxes you like to display in task bar clock.


6. Click OK button twice to see the effect.