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4 Tools to Manage All of Your Social Networking Profiles on Single Dashboard



Social networking is not so easy when you have to post updates on an hourly basis. With so many profiles and pages to manage, things can get time consuming and confusing at times. Luckily, there are a number of tools which can help you to make things right and a bit easier. Here are some of the best tools to manage all Social networking profiles and accounts from one place.


Tools to Manage All Social Networking Profiles

HootSuite is one of the widely used, most popular social media management services. HootSuite dashboard can manage about any of the social networks that you can think of, including the WordPress accounts. The service helps you in managing and running your social media accounts in one go and also keeps them updated. Most importantly, all your analytical data can be found in one place with HootSuite. The basic membership is free of cost, however, businesses would be better off with a $9.99 per month pro account.

Sprout Social


Sprout Social is just another service which is specifically helpful for businesses. You can manage, update and track all the social networks accounts and pages easily on a dashboard. This service keeps a close eye on your brand and business for you. It keeps you updated with what your competitors are doing and lets you know whenever you are mentioned somewhere on the web. It not only analyzes and monitors your data but also, lets you know how to reach the market effectively. The pro plan includes up to ten profiles and costs around $9 a month.



Stacker lets you read and respond all your emails and messages throughout the social networks at one place. Simply add all the content that you want to publish into Stacker and it will publish each one at different times of the day so that the fans and followers could see your updates frequently. You can also invite several collaborators to manage the social media accounts.


socialoomph dashboard

This service has a variety of tools and features which help you to track and automate Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. It is customizable to the highest degrees, making it worth a try. Along with scheduling updates, WordPress and Tumblr blogs can also be integrated. A number of twitter features are available in the free version, however, the pro package costs about $36 a month.