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Tips on How to Maintain a Quality Site



Maintaining a website is one of the most important duties of a webmaster. Whether you have a blog, an online store or a business website, it is essential that you keep your content up to date and monitor your website statistics. If people don’t find your website appealing from the start, they will go to your competitors. You can’t afford to presume that your site will attract traffic and generate sales without maintaining it.

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Many business owners and webmasters don’t really know how to maintain a good quality site. Some of them put more effort into the initial design of a website than they do it in keeping the information fresh over time. Make sure the content of your website is relevant and up to date. You should always keep in mind that quality content is something that people will enjoy reading and will refer their family members and friends.

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When evaluating your website, focus on page consistency, design, ease of navigation, credibility and site activity. Misleading site navigation, broken links and duplicate content can lower your credibility and affect your search engine rankings. It is essential that you keep your website fresh with a clear navigational structure. Do a little research to find out what other websites are offering. Type your domain name in Google to check how your website is being perceived by major search engines.

Go through your site like a visitor would go through it. Make sure you can add new subcategories as page content in the page without making radical changes to the design. Add suggestive pictures, use your logo and pick colors that match the overall theme of your website in order to build your personal brand and increase your visibility online. A design with clean lines and light colors is suitable for a business consultant or a freelance writer. Using bright colors and abstract pictures is an excellent option for artists and web designers.

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One of the best ways to maintain a quality site is to post news and articles that provide numerous points of view on specific products. This will keep your website visitors engaged and help you gain loyal readers who return to your site again and again. Use your visitors’ comments, feedback and suggestions to generate ideas for new articles and keep your content fresh. Ask others to review your website, encourage criticism and allow users to contact you directly.


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It is important to realize that maintaining a quality site depends on the how reliable your web hosting provider is. A good hosting company will keep your website alive and secure with regular maintenance. There are several tools that you can use to check the online accessibility of your website.

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Website traffic analysis can help you improve the overall performance of site and gain more visitors. Using Google Analytics or other similar programs can help you find out how many hits your site is receiving, the source from where these hits are coming from and other relevant details. Evaluate and use these statistics to your advantage. Some web hosting companies are able to provide this information weekly or monthly to help you find out exactly where your website ranks in the major search engines and what are visitors doing on your website.

There are many other things that you can do in order to maintain a quality site. Keep your visitors coming back, check for broken links regularly and make sure your website works on all browsers. Post classified ads on popular websites to attract new visitors and potential customers, create quality backlines and use an autoresponder on your site to build a list of subscribers and gain loyal readership.

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