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Buying a DSLR Won’t Make You a Photographer – 7 Resources To Learn Professional Photography Online



Professional photography lessons

Most of the time when you ask people what new do you want to learn in life, they reply ‘photography’. And if they are accompanied with a DSLR, photography is a must have hobby. ‘Oh! You have a DSLR, you must be a photographer!’ is the normal reaction of public for the people who own this professional camera. However, not everyone falls for this thought. You have bought an expensive camera, now learn how to use it professionally. For your benefit, this article consists of some Resources To Learn Professional Photography Online which can turn you from a wannabe to a professional.

Professional photography lessons
7 Resources To Learn Professional Photography Online

Creative Live

creative live

Creative Live is an online resource to learn photography which empowers you to let loose your potential through bringing to you the greatest experts of photography world directly, live. The site features workshops in photography, design, video, business, music, audio, software training and crafting.
Creative Live aims to unlock the previously closed doors for you by making the dynamic education easily accessible. The site offers anyone to watch their videos for free and also, interact with the instructors for any queries in real time.

Best Photo Lessons

best photo lessons

From the basic lessons to pro ones, with Best Photo Lessons you can learn to take better snaps of any subject and also, enjoy more from your photography. The service is absolutely free and encompasses twelve of the basic photography lessons along with some other tips and tricks.
All these features make it a great online photography resource. All the lessons are arranged in a particular order to systematically build the photography skills. You can skip a few lessons as well, which you think you already have command on.

Life Hacker


It is a comprehensive resource for beginners, compiled by some of the friendly folks at Life Hacker.  The course starts with the explanation of how a DSLR works and goes further to explain picture composition, techniques and editing tips. The lessons are mostly in text formats, however, a few videos can also be found.

iPhotography Course

With coverage of the ‘nut & bolts’ basics, iPhotography Course also provides you with the practically assessed assignments which help you in learning professional photography. The program features 18 easy to learn training modules, equally beneficial for the beginners and advanced learners. There are no classes to attend and no need to buy any expensive additional equipment.


crop380w student photographer black and white

lynda photography is one of the most popular online learning resource, encompassing thousands of courses including web development, graphic designing and most importantly, photography. The courses are available at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The resource charges a reasonable subscription fee, but the money is definitely worth it.

Digital Photography School

photography school

No classes, no exams, no teachers is the mantra of Digital Photography School. The resource is extremely popular among the professionals and newbies. Being absolutely free, the site also offers to be a part of their forum where you can upload your photographs to discuss your techniques with the best photographers in the world.

Photography Life


The website contains a wide collection of written articles for those who are just getting into the photography. These tips for the beginners help a lot in enhancing the knowledge of photography and also, to get the best out of their camera.

The course starts with the ‘What is a DSLR’ lesson and never ends which depicts that the course is equally beneficial for the pro ones as well.