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7 FREE Virtual Assistant Apps For Android Which Work Like Siri



Virtual Assistant Apps For Android

Whether you are driving a car, up for a vacation or working in your office, you don’t need to pick your smartphone in order to check your emails and text messages, search information on any topic in the world or if you are in a mood to hear jokes. The innovative virtual assistant apps for android have made it easier for nearly any smartphone user to hire a free assistant who will take care of your schedule, will remind you of important events and will talk to you like an actual person when you are bored. All you have to do is take a close look around this countdown.

7. DataBot Personal Assistant

It is like an actual talking robot as it answers all your queries and commands with its voice. The voice commands you put in will be replied back with multimedia presentations, search services and images. Wherever you are, you can use your personal assistant while traveling, working, studying, playing or simply relaxing. In a few seconds, it searches for you what you have been looking for.

6. utter! Voice Commands BETA!utter

Utter! cannot be seen as some average clone of Siri and does not try to be like other virtual assistant apps. The best feature of this app is that it’s ultra-fast and super functional. Once the assistant is downloaded, the app works offline keeping all your orders working. The app can work in the background and is quite light weighted. The app itself doesn’t have a user interface, rather it can be used anywhere on the phone whenever needed.

5. Jarvis – My Personal Assistantjarvis

Jarvis is one of the best virtual assistants for android with some really cool features which can’t be found anywhere else. Jarvis will be working as your personal assistant by providing you with the information of weather, text messages, calls, news and anything you want. Along with this, you are also free to use this app to control settings options like turning on/off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flash, reminders, music and what not.

4. Robin – the Siri Challengerrobin

Robin can act as your voice assistant and can bring you text by voice, tell you jokes, accord you with GPS navigation information and other local facts while you drive your car safely. Robin has a better personality than many of the other chat bots, virtual assistants, and search products. It helps in making your smartphone even smarter.

3. Smart Voice Assistantsmart voice assistant

This app is a free virtual assistant for Android, and is quite useful. You can now control your phone simply with voice. The messages you receive will be read to you if you want, you will be able to make calls by just speaking out the contact’s name. The loudspeaker will be turned on according to your wish and a lot more.

2. Indigo Virtual Assistantindigo

Another virtual assistant app for android which can be carried with you to journeys. Indigo fills your daily life with fun. Talk to her like a human conversation is going on and she will understand. The app is also capable of giving personal opinions. Indigo can control music, tell jokes, manage calendar, read headlines and much more.

1. AssistantVirtual Assistant Apps For Android

This is a virtual assistant android app which asks for no special commands to be memorized in order to make contact with the assistant. All you have to do is speak naturally and give orders. The app comes in several different languages so every person around the globe can be entertained and helped.