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EmbedArticle : Force Content Thieves To Link Back To You



Some websites take their copyright very seriously and may contact you if you have taken their content via copy & paste. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do. Leaving the author’s credit links is very essential if you’re taking a whole or a piece of any article from another site.

If you are a website owner too, and take this seriously then respects your wishes. EmbedArticle is a unique technology that once installed in your website, monitors the copied content and produces a HTML code when text is copied so that you can receive the proper attribution for producing the content. You can also just monitor your blog’s content to see where it is going on the web.

After installing EmbedArticle in your site, whenever someone copies some text from your site – a widget window will pop open producing a unique code snippet for him. Now when the person copies the code and paste in his site, renders a block in which the copied content is displayed with a link back to your original site keeping your content’s safe from copiers. See this demo page and try to copy any text from it and see how it works.

This code, when pasted within a website’s HTML, will render out:

* The text you copied
* A link back to the article you copied it from
* An ad (this ad belongs to EmbedArticle)

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