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Website Safe or Not? Check Ratings of Any Site Automatically While Visiting



Would you like to know how safe is the website which you’re visiting? Is it trustable, free of virus or not a scam?

To answer these questions, there are so many ways to check the rank of a website, but WOT (web of trust) is the best way to check the reputation and rank of any website automatically. WOT has been liked my millions of web users and currently is the most trusted source to know the ranks of any website on internet.

WOT is a community powered by millions of web users who share their experience with the website they visit. WOT team collects those user reviews and comments and ranks the sites. WOT actually offers tools to check websites ranks. One way it to check reputation manually by visiting WOT’s website and entering the site’s URL which you want to check. But the browser addon feature makes our lives a lot easier.

WOT Sites ranking

With the WOT browser addon installed, you never have to worry about checking the sites rankings manually. WOT automatically scans the sites and notifies you whether it is safe, scam or phishing site as soon as you open the site. So the good thing is you never have to click any single button to check the site’s rankings.

WOT’s traffic-light style rating system can be understood by the smallest of web surfers. WOT add-on shows you the reputation of a site with a simple green/yellow/red icon and scan’s websites against virus and bad user feedback. Green means safe, yellow means caution and red means stop.


Download WOT addon for your browser

Using it is simple. Here’s what it looks like in your browser: