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5 Best Sites to Watch TV Online For Free



best sites to watch tv online

Missed your favorite TV show episode? You do not have to worry now as you can watch any of your favorite TV shows online. Yes! If you have missed an episode of your favorite TV show or wants to get updated with the latest happenings, you just have to follow the amazing sites listed below to watch them online and make your life easy and fun. Here are the 5 best sites to watch TV online, to watch your favorite TV shows, videos, movies, news, documentaries etc.

best sites to watch tv online


Hulu is a site where you can spend hours of your day watching exciting videos. interesting TV shows, latest news and updates of the world and informational documentaries. It’s one of the best sites to watch TV online with high definition video streaming and excellent sound quality. Other then this you get listed links of all the latest and top rated TV shows, movies and videos. You also get to see trailers of the new movies and TV shows at hulu. Simple process for signing up and once you have and an account at hulu, you can manage your favorites as per your preferences and choice. Hulu currently is streamed within the US only.

Cast TV

Cast Tv is another recommended site for watching TV online. Searching an episode or a movies is made very easy here for you. Complete list of the TV shows and movies arranged in an alphabetical order makes life so mush easy to find your interest. High definition video and superior sound quality makes you enjoy every second of the scene of your favorite TV show or movie. You can also own an account here and the process for signing up is as easy as ABC.


Sidereel is also counted among the best sites to watch TV online with high speed streaming and best results. The grid with the the links of the latest movies coming and top rated shows running keeps you updated all the time. you can easily search for your favorite TV show or movies. Detailed categorization of the types, venues and genres makes it all very easy for you to search your choice and manage them list on your account.


Tubeplus is one more site where you can watch TV online. It keeps you updated with the latest TV shows of popular TV channels. It also displays a bar chart of the top rated TV channels which helps you making the choice for which TV show to watch. You can also find it on facebook and easily get an access to it.



Tv-links is also a good choice to watch your favorite TV shows online. The site always brings you the best video and sound quality and you enjoy every second of it watching. Quick search and fast loading spares you no time to waste and more time to enjoy.

So, if you are one of those who prefer your PC to watch TV shows online, then which of these sites you visit the most? I would like to know your feedback on this and suggestions of more of these sites.