3 Services To Send Mass Text Messages To Business & Organizations

Send Mass Text Messages

Sending messages in bulk has never been easy to accomplish. For businesses which operate on SMS marketing, this was a hectic task until some software were made available for common use. Nowadays, you may find numerous different web services and apps which take very little time of yours and automate the bulk messaging task for you in minutes.

Send Mass Text Messages

How Does It Work?

First, you need to find the right web service which suits your needs and requirements. Once you have done that, compose a message that you are supposed to send over mass customers. The web service will then ask you to type in the targeted contact numbers. As soon as these steps are done, you need to hit the start button and the messages will be sent over to the recipients one by one, rapidly. Some web services do it for free as a demonstration and some charge from the very beginning.

Why Is It Needed?

As mentioned earlier, these kinds of web services are extremely helpful for the businesses running solely on SMS marketing. Apart from this, to contest in a competition, to advertise about a particular item, to send a message to a community, and for other many reasons, messages in bulk are needed to be sent which requires the automation services online.

Web Services To Send Mass Text Messages

Following are the three popular web services for bulk messaging:

Text Marks

Text Marks is a web service which allows you to send hundreds of messages from one platform. The most important feature of this service is you can respond to the texts anytime. Their SMS API is powerful and friendly to use, which makes it easier to build a wide database of numbers.

Simplified Alerts

It is a web service which was designed to work with almost all kinds of mobile carriers. This text messaging alert system works well and is highly cost effective with a reliable delivery record. The service is highly secure and rich with features. In the widely growing arena of mass SMS broadcasting services, this service is perfect for sports leagues, schools, restaurants, bars, or an organization which needs to quickly send urgent messages to a dispersed group of people.

Mobile Text Alerts

Mobile Text Alerts is one of the simplest ways to send mass text alerts to any mobile network. Their system gets started in less than a minute and you need to follow two simple steps to get going with it.

  • Add numbers to the system: before sending a message, you need to add someone who can receive that text message. In this web service, the members can be added in several ways which include text-in to join, uploading a database of subscribers and an online sign-up form.
  • Send out the message: the web service features an easy to use control panel. Whether you need to send the SMS right away or schedule it for later, Mobile Text Alerts has the most promising options to do so.