5 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites With International Shipping

Cheapest Online Shopping Sites

Online shopping is, on one hand, extremely popular due to its easy accessibility options. On the other hand, some people refrain from shopping online as they don’t trust completely on online payment options or they find it extremely expensive. If your concern belongs to the latter category, you have come to the right place. Some cheapest online shopping sites are listed here which give the luxury of best discounts with free delivery and secure payment methods.

Cheapest Online Shopping Sites

Deal Xtreme (DX)

Deal Xtreme is one of the very cheap online stores. DX was established in 2005 in China and since then, it has continued to be a leading seller with more than 400 suppliers and 1 million customers today. DX is said to have the most diverse and largest catalogues in the online shopping industry with more than 0.2 million items, 4000 categories and over 150 additions on a daily basis. DX provides its users with the best warranties possible for late arrivals and other mishaps.  DX

The customer support and service is available round the clock, seven days a week through online chat and other sources. They have incorporated the most uncensored, independently moderated and industry’s first active feedback forum. The moderators are all international customers and not their employees. They can also be contacted with local phone numbers and the international charges will not be applied. Moreover, the DX items will be shipped all over the world totally free.

Dino Direct

Dino Direct is one of the world’s leading online store with heaps of customers from over 200 countries. They are dedicated to becoming the most reliable online marketplace in the globe by providing the highest quality stuff with the widest range of options, free shipping, cost effective pricing and undoubtable customer support.Dino Direct

They claim their competitive edge to be the broadest integration of different products. Their wide array of fine-quality merchandise encompasses jewelry, clothing, electronics, home products, computers, garden products, car accessories and what not. Dino Direct’s global supply chain ensures their customers of the highest quality products with the best prices and widest selections. Their automatic and modern warehouse management system makes it possible to deliver a product in the shortest possible time.

Mini In The Box

Since 2006, Mini In The Box has been a leader in providing blue-ribbon products for the cheapest online shopping experience in the world. Since the foundation of Mini In The Box, its creators have been busy in empowering the people around the world in selling and buying consumer goods online. No matter where you live or who you are, you will be accorded with the same price which is the lowest possible. mini in the boxWhether you are a shopper who wants to buy the best products, a retailer who does not want to pay high prices or a wholesaler who wants to increase his revenues, Mini In The Box is the ideal place for wholesale prices and lightning-fast services. To main low prices without compromising the quality, they buy directly from the Chinese wholesale manufacturers. They are proud of serving customers from more than 50 countries around the globe and still growing. Their vision is still going to remain intact, i.e. one world, one price.

Ali Express

Ali Express is one of the best discount shopping websites to make online orders. The wide menu of Ali Express consists of millions of products of more than 40 categories to choose from. Ali Express gives the best value online with thousands of sellers and unbeatable prices. Their shipping costs are none for most of the products. Ali ExpressThey make sure that what you pay and how you pay are completely safe. For this aspect, they use PCI and VeriSign protection to keep your information as secure as possible. You can pay through VISA, Master Card and other local payment options. Ali Express guarantees full return of payment if the ordered item is not good enough or is completely opposite to what was asked.


They call themselves the fresh cosmetic company as Strawberry has been a big name in providing the best cosmetic products in the world for last 10 years. With highly discounted prices, the site is one of the truly offering hubs of branded consumer goods. They are a pro in providing a hassle free experience to their customers to shop fragrances, makeup and skincare products at highly affordable prices. Just like fresh strawberries, all of their products are genuine and fresh and their discount offers are irresistibly sweet. They have been dealing with hundreds of thousands of customers in more than 200 countries who are quite satisfied with what they do.