13 Things You Can Do To Create An Insanely Awesome CV


Job hunting might be the toughest challenge to face, but when it comes to writing CV, it can come out to be an even bigger test. Never forget that CV is the first thing that represents who you are and if it lacks in competence and creativity, you will suffer miserably in the job searching journey. The Human Resource Department of even the largest organizations spend merely a minute to scan a CV before adding it to a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ pile. To get you selected in every possible company, below are listed some of the newest and awesomely creative tips to compile a CV.

We Want You!
Represent the real you

Yes, we all repeat the mistake of writing things which do not represent any of our skills. False writing or adding a lot of skills which you have no idea about, simply degrade your impression in the eyes of the interviewer.

Copy-pasting will get you nowhere

Be creative and show your writing powers to the world.

Select an insanely awesome template or make one yourself

Photoshopping is not at all a difficult task to do nowadays. Plus, the interviewer knowing that you have personally designed your CV might get you bonus points.

cv-template-online-resume-vergeShow creativity in your CV

Do not follow the dull, same, old and boring footsteps of objective writing. Instead, come up with something which catches the eyes instantly.

Do not use the heading of ‘Curriculum Vitae’ on your CV

Nobody is dumb enough to not understand what they are reading is a CV.


Be precise with the address section

Do not, in any way, include an email address which is not professional. LovelyPrincess@example.com and HandsomeHunk@example.com will make the HR dump your CV into the bin immediately. Additionally, don’t use more than two pages. The longer the CV is, the less interesting it will be for the interviewer.

The CV must be in the reverse chronological order

Your latest education should be on top, with title of the degree in bold letters.


Show-off yourself

If you have a prior work experience, just don’t simply mention the name of the company and your designation. Include what your responsibilities were, add the names of the renowned people, if any, etc.

Showcase your personal interests as many as you can

Big organizations like Google focus more on the candidate’s diverse and versatile personality because they know that if you have the ability to come out of your comfort zone, you will be able to learn anything.


Mention your volunteer work

If you have been a part of some donation drives, been associated with an NGO or something like that, do integrate it in your CV as it leaves an exceptionally well impact on the interviewer.

Add images

The CVs today, no longer follow the same conventional black and white frame. If you have listed some projects, add images to them so they can become more prominent.free-cv-template-download

Insert numbers and do math

If you were a part of the sales team, don’t just mention ‘sales officer’ in your CV. Instead, write down how much percentage of sales did you bring to your company.

Make it keyword friendly

If you have added your CV into a recruiters’ site, keywords play the most important part here. Job buzzwords and titles will help the recruiters to pick your CV, no matter how many CVs are uploaded on that forum. If you are not sure how to do it, find some tutorials on the internet and make your CV search engine optimized.