How To Find Software Reviews From Real Users Before Purchasing It

Software Reviews

There are tons of people who review every aspect of a product before they buy it. Be it a household appliance, a grocery product or simply a software. The latter one requires the most attention as you can never replace the software, neither can you get your money back. Even if it is a freeware, it needs to be reviewed by an expert so that it might not lack the features you’re looking for. The question is, where to get software reviews from experts? The answer is right here and below are listed some of the best software review sites for your ease.


Software Advice

Software Advice is one of the most trusted resources for most software purchasers. They provide detailed research and pc software reviews on hundreds and thousands of software applications.

software advice

Their team of software reviewers also provide free phone consultations in order to help the purchasers to build a list of systems, later to be shortlisted for purchasing the ones that meet the needs of the customers. Software Advice is actually a Gartner company which is the leading information technology advisory and research company in the world. For software buyers, they help in finding the right software, eliminate the weeks of research and avoid expensive software mistakes all at the same place.

G2 Crowdtransparancy-infographic-1-638

G2 Crowd, just like Software Advice, is another leading website for software reviews in the world which is leveraging its more than 37,000 user reviews to be read by almost 300,000 software purchasers in a month in order to help them take better software purchasing decisions. When evaluating B2B technologies in software, the business buyers now have a sense of transparency which is being brought by the collective power of some trusted peers to the front. Additionally, this company intuitively encompasses packages insights gathered from expert peers, aggregated data and everyday users. The G2 Crowd users mainly get unfiltered reviews, start vendor selection from the scores by the reviewers and can also contribute to the community by becoming an expert.