Addicted To Facebook? 4 Tips How to Hamper Facebook Addiction

How to Hamper Facebook Addiction

Facebook, the social media giant, has made a significant impact on the internet user’s life. With almost more than a billion users, Facebook is indeed a very popular form of social media platform and addictive at that. Considering the length of time spent in using one’s Facebook account, from updating their status, changing profile, viewing friends’ updates and uploading photos, Facebook addiction is becoming a prevalent problem.

Recognizing the Signs of Facebook Addiction

Recognizing the signs of Facebook addiction is important. If you have been spending too long of a time using Facebook such as being online there almost every day, throughout the day and frequently checking your account using your laptop, mobile or even using your friend’s cell phone with a 3G connection just to check your Facebook account, then you must be having symptoms of Facebook addiction. It is also possible you are already addicted if at every event you take pictures and then upload them almost instantly on Facebook or is already thinking of updating your status immediately when you get home. Whether you admit it or not you are already hooked on using Facebook and using the social media platform has become a major part of your activities every day.

How to Hamper Facebook Addiction

If you feel that you are already getting overboard in using this social media platform and you finally recognize the signs of your Facebook addiction, these 4 tips will be helpful in learning how to hamper Facebook addiction.

How to Hamper Facebook Addiction

1. Become more socially engaged with real people in your community

It is not that you are not interacting with real people on Facebook. However, if you think that are already getting addicted to it, you can divert your need for socialization by spending more time with your friends and family members to do some activities together. Try to join clubs, sports activities and any social events where you can socialize with others to divert your energy of interacting with real people instead of being engaged in virtual interaction with friends.

2. Impose limits and boundaries

If you are unable to set rules such as the length of time you allow yourself of using Facebook, you are likely to get carried away and eventually give in to your addiction. If you cannot help it, try to impose limits of opening your Facebook account without completely prohibiting yourself from using your account. Set an alarm, say 30 minutes to remind you it’s time to log out. Moreover, you can also set boundaries and schedules to discipline yourself when you can use Facebook in order to stop your addiction to it.

 3. Don’t use push notification on your mobile

One of the most common reasons why a Facebook user usually open and check their Facebook account everyday is because of the push notifications on their mobile. You can likely avoid getting more engaged in using Facebook when you don’t receive notifications often on your mobile that will entice you to open your Facebook account so better turn this mobile feature off!

How to Hamper Facebook Addiction

 4. Avoid friendship addiction

It is possible that your Facebook addiction may be due to your desire to join the friendship race on Facebook. Don’t be tempted to add the number of friends that you cannot manage to interact with because it can possibly cause you anxiety than becoming comfortably sociable.