How To Keep Data Safe on Smartphones – Best Security Measures

How To Keep Data Safe on Smartphones

Introduction of new smartphones have transformed the business world so much that people are increasingly reliant on their How To Keep Data Safe on Smartphones - Best Security Measuressmartphones to keep track on all kinds of activities weather internet browsing, maintaining internet IDs and financial accounts, banking, bill tracking  and even diary writing. With smartphone revolution, all of the sensitive data kept in your phones has become more vulnerable to theft and the question is being asked on all platforms – How To Keep Data Safe on Smartphones?

With rising smartphone usage there is a need for intense concern for more security procedures to secure your important information like your bank account numbers, credit card numbers, the stored passwords and other confidential data. Unfortunately not much has been done to meet up these fears however here are a no of tactics you may use to protect your data kept in your smartphone. Search out reliable security providers.

First of all search for what reliable security features are available. You would find many software options like finger print scanner, face scanner or alarms but they don’t actively work as per the requirement. However there is some reliable security software available and they have their cost. Here are few of them that work for all major smartphones like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and others.

  • Look mobile security: it is a free and paid service that guards your phone against malware, viruses, spyware, and backups and tracks your phone.
  • it costs $29.95 a year for anti-spyware, anti-virus, firewall, spam filters, basic backups and other 24 hours support.
  • SMobile system: it charges $29.99 per year for anti- virus, malware device locks, GPS locations and other such services.

Protection in case of theft:

  • Another threat to your data is phone theft. Thieves can get really tough time to obtain data from the device which is not in their physical control but once they get the hold they can make it accessible in any way. The measures you can take in that case is keep a strong password on your device which cannot be guessed easily. When a device is protected with password it is rare that your device can be accessed without your data being removed, however if you use a pass-code security software it is not enough as it can easily be accessed at a no of shops in local markets.How To Keep Data Safe on Smartphones - Best Security Measures
  • Additionally you can encrypt your data so as to prevent criminal to read or extract your data. Keep your Bluetooth off when not in use to minimize the risk of intrusive hacking attacks. Keep the GPS off when not needed.
  • Find out a wipe application and enabled it so that when you get your phone stolen you may wipe up all your private data to prevent it falling into wrong hand.
  • We recently reviewed wonderful app that not only keeps tracks of a remote mobile phone but also send the usage information to the online portal. Check out the review here.

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Some precautionary measures to be taken:

  • A few precautions that you may take are:  beware of what you are downloading and from where are you downloading? Are these channels secured? Are the websites you are visiting trustworthy? Are you saving any logins and passwords at the device you don’t trust?
  • Never give your credit card number or other important passwords to the site starting with “http://” always look at the site address whether it starts with https or http an http site is unsecured from where your data can easily be hacked.
  • When you use public internet connections to browse internet make sure they are secure and reliable as it is a huge risk in terms of the data which you may lose.
  • Additionally keep an update check on your device these updates always add benefits so keep your automatic updates on to catch maximum updates as soon as possible.
  • Finally download a “find your phone app” no matter how careful you are about phone keep such to keep the track of your device in case it gets stolen.