8 FREE Online Video Editing Tools [No Installation Needed]


With the help of these FREE Online Video Editing Tools you can edit videos trough browser even you don’t have enough knowledge in video editing; they can be used even without plugins to download. Some of these services allow to share finished videos through various social networking sites while others allow the user to download the already edited files. Being one of the kinds of video editing program it allows the user to almost do everything composite editing that includes loops, audio overlays, scene transitions, simple drop and drag actions and splices.


Now, take a closer look of our compilation of the 8 FREE Online Video Editing Services.

FREE Online Video Editing Tools

1. YouTube Remixer

YouTube Remixer is a new service of YouTube that allow user to edit videos form YouTube. This service is run by Adobe Premiere Express and prop up insertion of text, graphics, audio, and even overlays and in-video transitions.

YouTube Remixer

2. Photobucket

Photobucket is a kind of slideshow creation, photo sharing and image hosting site. This service allows the user to edit videos and photos and share photos and stories to everyone.


3. Kaltura

An open source video platform that is beneficial for educational purposes; it allows the teacher and students to share edited videos to each other. The good thing about this video editing tool is that you can upload any video from Vcasmo, Viddler or YouTube without worrying about the size of the video.


4. MotionBox

Motionbox is a video sharing website with various impressive features like video editing. It is pleasurable to edit video using motionbox. It allows the user to edit video file comprehensively that includes connecting various video files while removing segments of files.


5. VideoToolbox

This free video editing service is capable to process video files up to 600 MB. Allows the user to edit their videos and add text watermark to the video file, cuts video, allow the user to crop video in just a few clicks, and let the user to combine number of videos into a single track of video.


6. Jaycut

Jaycut is one of the impressive video editing platforms online. It works by allowing the user to edit videos from any computer, it simply means that it is not necessarily to download or install the software. This video editing tool is best for virtual collaborators and folks on the go.


7. Movie Masher

Movie Masher is a collection of program that endow with front and back ends of a total video editing online application, allowing the user’s middleware layer to manage every part of its arrangement and underlying functionality.

Movie Masher

8. One True Media

This a kind of entertaining site where people able to make their own personalized movie montages and it can be done by uploading videos, photos and add music. This is beneficial for the family as it allow them to share special moments on special occasions and memories.

One True Media


The list of online video editing services will enable you to edit your videos comfortably.

Do share with us if you know any other online video editing services.