Best Apps to Track Lost or Stolen Android Device


Your Android phone may become a very valuable technology device that contains important information that you need for your personal and business use. Most Smartphones these days are being used as a personal gadget that is used for making business transactions and to store important information and data. Thus, it is crucial to protect your Android device at all costs with the use of anti-theft and locator finder applications to help recover your lost or stolen Android device. Here are some of the Best Apps to Track Lost or Stolen Android Device.


Best Apps to Track Lost Android Device

1. LocateMyDroid

This application allows an Android phone user to monitor and find their device directly on the map that is integrated with the application. LocateMyDroid is a powerful Android locator in the sense that it could provide an accurate location report such as giving the address where to find your device.


2. AntiDroidTheft

Tracker capability of this app is dependent upon the mobile’s built in tracking ability when you locate your phone online. Once the application is installed you can instantly activate the program to start tracking your device’s whereabouts. It can provide you an email update when the phone number used on your device has been changed.


3. Where’s My Droid

This application helps a lost or missing device using the GPS coordinates and Google maps. You have the ability to control the ringer volume of your device and protect the lost or stolen phone with a password to prevent the unauthorized access. It also notifies you whenever a different number is being used on the device.

Where’s My Droid

4. Plan B

Once the program is installed on your mobile and your phone is misplaced, stolen or lost you can instantly activate the app using another device to send the mobile location to your Gmail. It can update the location report every 10 minutes to your email. If the phone is not connected to the internet, the app will send the location of the device through SMS instead of sending it to your email.

Plan B

So there were some of the Best Apps to Track Lost or Stolen Android Device.

If you know any other app for tracking lost or Android device do share with us in comments.