5 True Reasons Why Not To Buy The iPhone 5


Few months ago many people are eager to buy iPhone 5 as a matter of fact Apple stores across the U.S. were fling to open for the excited clients wanting to have their first iPhone 5. Obviously, anyone that acquired one will be very glad but still there is a slight hesitation if the latest iPhone of Apple could be the one of the remarkable works of technology.

With all the hesitations in mind perhaps you may ask yourself if iPhone 5 is worth buying. Here are some few reasons that tells why not to buy iPhone 5 and might enlighten you  if iPhone 5 is worth for the price.

5 True Reasons Why Not To Buy The iPhone 5

Why Not To Buy iPhone 5

1. You’ll have to buy all new accessories and adapters

Most of us today still bombarded with the lethargic economy. We’re in the rat race trying living salary to salary. Now, try to stop and consider about whether Apple is the best place to be to invest and spend your hard received money. We know most of us familiar that mostly Apple gadgets are built –in obsolescence. Recently Apple replaced the prehistoric 30-pin connector with a smaller dock connector. However, this new connector need a new adapter, it simply means that you’ll need to buy a new accessories that make it compatible of this new feature.

5 True Reasons Why Not To Buy The iPhone 5

2. You already have one

If you already have an iPhone and wanting the new features and applications present in the iPhone 5 then why don’t you just update your old iPhone’s iOS? You can save your money buying the iPhone 5 if you just want Facebook integration, passbook, iCloud Safari tabs, and improved Siri, all of these can be updated to your old iPhone. The panorama photo mode of iPhone 5 will also work with iPhone 4S, then if you have it in your old iPhone it seems that you already have the new one.

3. E-Waste Issue

Let’s just assume that of thousands or millions of people who acquire a new iPhone and only 20% of them tend to recycle it instead of throwing it somewhere or hide it in the drawer. That is why many phones are still looking for a responsible recycling system. And remember, not all e-waste recycling program can make a move to keep away all the device’s elements out of the landfill.

4. Larger display not compatible to many applications

I am pretty glad that Apple increase the display size of their new iPhone 5, the old display of iPhone is hard to utilize most especially if you have bigger palms. As well it’s hard to navigate websites due to small display size and with iPhone 5 its looks good. However, as far as applications are all about, they should be updated for the new display size, but not this time. You might have a new iPhone 5 to boast but the applications performing there seems that they’re designed for the old phones.

E-Waste Issue

5. iPhone 5 is Expensive

We all know that iPhone 5 is so expensive as a matter of fact the price starts with $199. And the worse if you are not entitled for upgrading the price starts at $649 up to $849 with a storage capacity of 64 gigabytes. As far as the price is concern iPhone 5 is quite expensive, thus think first if the gadget is worth for your hard earned money before buying a new one.

So these above discussed reasons are enough to tell you that iPhone 5 is way too much expensive to have.

If you know any other prominent reason don’t forget to share with us in comments.