Some Proven Ways For Making WordPress Site Almost Unhackable

wordpress security

Every day we encounter with at least an unexpected report about a hacked site and this makes us little worried about our own site too. It can be possible that right now a hacker from some part of the globe is attempting to hack into your site. There’s perfectly fits that quotation, ‘prevention is better than cure‘.

Obviously, there’s nothing that can be unhackable, that’s why I had to put on almost. But anyway, if you’re worried about how to secure wordpress site from hacking then we’ve gathered some ways for you that will indeed make your WordPress site more protected than as it is now.

wordpress security

How To Secure WordPress Site From Hacking

1. Strong passwords

Maintaining a strong password. It is extremely important and you can’t take it easy and dumb excuses like, “I want a password that will be easy to remember for me” are totally useless and can put your blog down. So, bloggers if you’re using a password that is a dictionary word, isn’t at least 10 characters long and doesn’t involves both uppercase or lowercase letter, than getup and change it as soon as possible.

2. Updates are important


The up next in our list are Word Press updates which most of the bloggers take lightly and often skips them. These updates are seriously important and fix lot of security issues and bugs be it a plugin update, theme update or official WordPress update. Apart from security fixes, these updates also add new additional functionality to the WordPress. These things might seem minor but eventually, neglecting these minor updates can put you in trouble.

3. Word Press Admin access


It seems that you’re still using the default wordpress “admin” as admin login username. Am I right? Certainly, I’m right. Well, you can change it and it won’t take long to get a new name. There’s another important thing that I would like to mention – never display your login name in published posts. Apart from this, every account with dashboard access should be protected with a strong password as mention in first point.

And if you are bit more protective, then I’ll suggest you Yubikey which will add extra step to login. With Yubikey, no one can log into your wordpress without having physical access to Yubikey (Simple Yubikey enabled USB device).

4. Erase sensitive information

erase computer

WordPress produces lot of files containing sensitive information specially if you have an ecommerce store running, we’ll suggest you to get control over these files. For example phpinfo.php file contains useful information that can help hackers to get in. Similarly, readme.html file contains the current version of wordpress you’re using. Hacker can use this file to know the wordpress version and if unfortunately you’re using old version, they can get in using a known hole in that version.

Apart from that, if you love to make regular backup of your database, then leaving the .sql backup file online is the dumbest thing you are doing. Hackers will download that file and they will get everything about your blog.

5. Plugins

And finally some important security plugins that will ensure full security help to secure wordpress site from hacking:

1. Login Lockdown: This is great security plugin for brute force password and it records every failed login and within 5 minutes, it blocks everyone with 3 failed login attempts.

2. Secure WordPress: It makes your site more secure by providing lots of little security fixes like it will completely erase the wordpress version you’re using from all your files including readme.html

3. WP-DBManager This is actually a backup tool that you can use to make scheduled backup of your database. It will take care of all your backups; however you have to set up for the very first time only. You can even create backups using your Gmail email account by sending email at a particular address.

So these are few security measures explain how to secure wordpress site from hacking and they require no coding or serious technical knowledge to implement. These safeguards won’t take much time and still will hold your website strongly.

Let us know some more ways, tips or plugins to streghten the security of a WordPress site.